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Custom samurai weapon project
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This is a list of known custom naginata names and combinations available from Wan Bending Reed in the Samurai Dojo in Bes Pelargic.

Description: Half of this weapon's six-foot length is a gracefully curved blade with a pattern of [PATTERN] worked into the steel and an edge like the north wind. The [WOOD] shaft is sturdy and smooth, its [SHAFT SHAPE] cross-section designed to sit comfortably in the hand without slipping. A solid steel cap protects the butt, and can serve as an additional striking surface at need.

For info on the weapon, see Naginata (custom weapon).

400 Rhinus


Pattern Shaft Shape Wood
chrysanthemum blossoms octagonal cloud maple
wind and lighting hexagonal black oak
hibiscus flowers oval white oak
falling leaves red oak
lotus blossoms maple
climbing vines ash
a ladder
a river

Naginatas with special names

Name Pattern Shaft Shape Wood Notes
silver rain naginata raindrops oval ash
flowing mirror naginata river octagonal white oak
bending reed naginata ? ? ?
loping panda naginata none oval (possibly others) bamboo
endless summer naginata fireworks hexagonal red oak
  • Judge variation: The judge of a custom naginata can sometimes vary from day to day. With polearm bonus 610, and evaluating weapons of 210, the naginata will sometimes judge one tier lower on average and max damage. Sometime later in the day it might judge back to the normal judge. My guess is that it's one of the only weapons actually on the cusp of damage tiers.

Bending Reed naginatas

Standard naginatas without special names:

Pattern Shaft Shape Wood
falling leaves octagonal black oak
raindrops oval white oak
snowflakes oval black oak

Currently on order

Player Pattern Shaft Shape Wood