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| tiger skin
| tiger skin
| Heavy katana only
| Heavy katana only
| Blood rain katana
| raindrops
| red leather/silk
| Clouded grey katana
| Clouded grey katana

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This is a list of known custom katana names and combinations available from Wan Bending Reed in the Samurai Dojo in Bes Pelargic. There is a list of patterns and grips here.


Name Pattern Grip Notes
Autumn fall katana falling leaves amber leather
Autumn tiger katana falling leaves tiger skin Heavy katana only
Blood rain katana raindrops red leather/silk
Clouded grey katana cloud grey leather
Crying heavens katana raindrops grey leather
Endless summer katana fireworks amber leather Standard katana only
Falling ash katana snowflakes black leather
Flashing death katana wind and lightning black leather
Gathering storm katana cloud black leather
Ice kiss katana snowflakes white leather
Jade river katana river jade green leather
Sektober rain katana raindrops amber leather
Shadow rain katana raindrops black leather
Striking thunder katana wind and lightning grey leather
Violent beauty katana snowflakes red leather
  • Please note most have only been tested at standard weight.

"Bending reed katana"

Standard katanas without special names:

Pattern Grip
falling leaves pattern black leather
climbing vines pattern jade green leather
ladder deep blue leather
chrysanthemum black leather
raindrop deep blue leather
raindrop black silk
a river red leather
fireworks black leather
snowflakes grey leather
a ladder birchwood
reeds red leather
a ladder brown silk
climbing vines red leather
climbing vines birchwood


  • Bad haiku katana
  • Black ice katana
  • Blood river katana
  • Fire rain katana
  • Yellow snow katana
  • Adjective noun katana