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Custom samurai weapon project
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This is a list of known custom daikatana names and combinations available from Wan Bending Reed in the Samurai Dojo in Bes Pelargic. There is a list of patterns and grips here. They cost &&&&&&&&&+384000 800Rh to order.


Name Pattern Grip
dark attraction hibiscus flowers midnight blue silk
shadow rain raindrops black leather
jade river a river jade green leather
hidden sky clouds midnight blue silk
screaming beast wind and lightning tiger skin
winter storm snowflakes white silk
soft ending falling leaves jade green leather
floating petal lotus blossoms jade green leather
gentle shower raindrops jade green leather
falling snow clouds white leather
withering grace lotus blossoms amber leather
end of light falling leaves black leather
black marsh reeds black leather
fire blossom chrysanthemum blossoms crimson silk
crimson lotus lotus blossoms crimson silk
fierce waters a river crimson silk
enflamed wood a ladder crimson silk
crouching beauty hibiscus flowers tiger skin, snakeskin
fierce flower lotus blossoms tiger skin
flying fur snowflakes tiger skin
dancing mamba climbing vines snakeskin
deep flower chrysanthemum blossoms sharkskin
mossy trunk reeds birchwood

"Bending reed Daikatana"

Standard daikatanas without special names:

Pattern Grip
wind and lightning jade green leather
wind and lightning deep blue leather
wind and lightning red leather
wind and lightning black silk
wind and lightning brown silk
wind and lightning white silk
wind and lightning amber silk
wind and lightning green silk
wind and lightning grey silk
wind and lightning red silk
none birchwood
clouds birchwood
a river birchwood
a ladder birchwood
raindrops birchwood
fireworks birchwood
snowflakes birchwood
climbing vines birchwood
lotus blossoms birchwood
falling leaves birchwood
hibiscus flowers birchwood
wind and lightning birchwood
chrysanthemum blossoms birchwood
none sharkskin
reeds sharkskin
clouds sharkskin
a river sharkskin
a ladder sharkskin
raindrops sharkskin
fireworks sharkskin
snowflakes sharkskin
climbing vines sharkskin
lotus blossoms sharkskin
falling leaves sharkskin
hibiscus flowers sharkskin
none snakeskin
reeds snakeskin
clouds snakeskin
a river snakeskin
a ladder snakeskin
raindrops snakeskin
fireworks snakeskin
snowflakes snakeskin
lotus blossoms snakeskin
falling leaves snakeskin
chrysanthemum blossoms snakeskin
none tiger skin
reeds tiger skin
clouds tiger skin
a river tiger skin
a ladder tiger skin
raindrops tiger skin
fireworks tiger skin
climbing vines tiger skin
none crimson silk
reeds crimson silk
clouds crimson silk
raindrops crimson silk
fireworks crimson silk
snowflakes crimson silk
climbing vines crimson silk
falling leaves crimson silk
hibiscus blossoms crimson silk
none grey leather
reeds grey leather
clouds grey leather
a river grey leather
a ladder grey leather
raindrops grey leather
fireworks grey leather
snowflakes grey leather
climbing vines grey leather
lotus blossoms grey leather
falling leaves grey leather
hibiscus flowers grey leather
chrysanthemum blossoms grey leather
fireworks black leather
lotus blossoms black leather
hibiscus flowers black leather
none amber leather
reeds amber leather
clouds amber leather
a river amber leather
a ladder amber leather
raindrops amber leather
snowflakes amber leather
climbing vines amber leather
falling leaves amber leather
hibiscus flowers amber leather
chrysanthemum blossoms amber leather
none white leather
snowflakes white leather
reeds white leather
a river white leather
a ladder white leather
fireworks white leather
raindrops white leather
climbing vines white leather
lotus blossoms white leather
falling leaves white leather
hibiscus flowers white leather
chrysanthemum blossoms white leather
none jade green leather
climbing vines jade green silk
wind and lightning black leather
none black leather
chrysanthemum blossoms black leather
clouds black leather
climbing vines black leather
river black leather
wind and lightning white silk
falling leaves white silk
lotus blossoms white silk
chrysanthemum blossoms white silk
hibiscus flowers white silk
river midnight blue silk
chrysanthemum blossoms midnight blue silk
wind and lightning midnight blue silk
climbing vines midnight blue silk
falling leaves midnight blue silk
lotus blossoms midnight blue silk
snowflakes midnight blue silk
fireworks midnight blue silk
raindrops midnight blue silk
a ladder midnight blue silk
wind and lightning snakeskin
reeds midnight blue silk
snowflakes white leather
fireworks amber leather
none midnight blue silk
wind and lightning jade green leather
wind and lightning white leather
wind and lightning amber leather
wind and lightning grey leather
wind and lightning crimson silk
falling leaves tiger skin
wind and lightning sharkskin
chrysanthemum blossoms jade green leather
snowflakes jade green leather
reeds jade green leather
climbing vines jade green leather
fireworks jade green leather
a ladder jade green leather
clouds jade green leather

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