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Custom samurai weapon project
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This is a list of known custom daikatana names and combinations available from Wan Bending Reed in the Samurai Dojo in Bes Pelargic. There is a list of patterns and grips here.


Name Pattern Grip
dark attraction hibiscus flowers midnight blue silk
shadow rain raindrops black leather
jade river a river jade green leather
hidden sky clouds midnight blue silk
screaming beast wind and lightning tiger skin

"Bending reed Daikatana"

Standard daikatanas without special names:

Pattern Grip
falling leaves white silk
climbing vines jade green silk
wind and lightning black leather
river midnight blue silk
chrysanthemum blossoms midnight blue silk
wind and lightning midnight blue silk
climbing vines midnight blue silk
falling leaves midnight blue silk
lotus blossoms midnight blue silk
snowflakes midnight blue silk
fireworks midnight blue silk
raindrops midnight blue silk
a ladder midnight blue silk
wind and lightning snakeskin
reeds midnight blue silk
snowflakes white leather
fireworks amber leather
none midnight blue silk
wind and lightning jade green leather
wind and lightning white leather
wind and lightning amber leather
wind and lightning black leather
wind and lightning grey leather
wind and lightning crimson silk
falling leaves tiger skin

Currently on order

Player Pattern Grip