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You can get custom crystal jewellery from Libby Twickle, in Scrogden. You will need to bring her either a crystal egg or a crystal ball to use.


This shop uses the special syntax "ask" for everything except browsing. When you ask Libby to make something, you'll need to have the crystal and money on hand--she will start your order immediately and takes about a minute to finish.

Jewellery available

A single crystal egg, at 6/9 lb, is large enough to be used for anything that she needs 11 oz or less for. For larger things, you can give her two eggs, or a crystal ball.

Itemdb Jewellery Effect type Category Crystal needed Cost
[1] crystal rose ring Rose ring &&&&&+3600 4 oz &&&&+87750 &&&&&&&&&&+39000 A$97.50
[2] crystal loveheart ring Love ring &&&&&+3600 4 oz &&&&+99000 &&&&&&&&&&+44000 A$110.00
[3] crystal flame ring Flame ring &&&&&+6300 7 oz &&&+103950 &&&&&&&&&&+46200 A$115.50
[4] crystal ring Sense ring &&&&&+3600 4 oz &&&&+85050 &&&&&&&&&&+37800 A$94.50
[5] crystal brooch Sense brooch &&&&&+3600 4 oz &&&+101250 &&&&&&&&&&+45000 A$112.50
[6] elegant crystal brooch Beauty brooch &&&&&+4500 5 oz &&&&+21150 &&&&&&&&&&&+9400 A$23.50
[7] crystal acorn brooch Elven brooch &&&&&+3600 4 oz &&&+101250 &&&&&&&&&&+45000 A$112.50
[8] crystal rose brooch Rose brooch &&&&&+3600 4 oz &&&+103500 &&&&&&&&&&+46000 A$115.00
[9] crystal loveheart necklace Love necklace &&&&+22500 25 oz &&&+119250 &&&&&&&&&&+53000 A$132.50
[10] crystal bubble necklace Bubble necklace &&&&+22500 25 oz &&&+115875 &&&&&&&&&&+51500 A$128.75
[11] crystal necklace Sense necklace &&&&+32400 36 oz &&&+153000 &&&&&&&&&&+68000 A$170.00
[12] crystal teardrop necklace Teardrop necklace &&&&&+4500 5 oz &&&+180000 &&&&&&&&&&+80000 A$200.00
[13] crystal and filigree necklace Halo necklace &&&&+12600 14 oz &&&+130500 &&&&&&&&&&+58000 A$145.00
[14] elegant crystal necklace Beauty necklace &&&&+24300 27 oz &&&&+22500 &&&&&&&&&&+10000 A$25.00
[15] crystal flame bracelet Flame bracelet &&&&+22500 25 oz &&&&+91350 &&&&&&&&&&+40600 A$101.50
[16] crystal and filigree bracelet Halo bracelet &&&&+16200 18 oz &&&&+81000 &&&&&&&&&&+36000 A$90.00
[17] crystal bell bracelet Bell bracelet &&&&+16200 18 oz &&&&+70650 &&&&&&&&&&+31400 A$78.50
[18] crystal star bracelet Star bracelet &&&&+16200 18 oz &&&&+71100 &&&&&&&&&&+31600 A$79.00
[19] crystal bracelet Sense bracelet &&&&+12600 14 oz &&&&+83250 &&&&&&&&&&+37000 A$92.50
[20] crystal teardrop earrings Teardrop earrings &&&&+16200 18 oz &&&&+99000 &&&&&&&&&&+44000 A$110.00
[21] crystal acorn earrings Elven earrings &&&&&+3600 4 oz &&&&+74250 &&&&&&&&&&+33000 A$82.50
[22] crystal and filigree earrings Halo earrings &&&&+16200 18 oz &&&&+70650 &&&&&&&&&&+31400 A$78.50
[23] elegant crystal earrings Beauty earrings &&&&&+6300 7 oz &&&&+22050 &&&&&&&&&&&+9800 A$24.50
[24] crystal bubble earrings Bubble earrings &&&&&+6300 7 oz &&&+108000 &&&&&&&&&&+48000 A$120.00
[25] crystal rose earrings Rose earrings &&&&&+3600 4 oz &&&&+87750 &&&&&&&&&&+39000 A$97.50
[26] crystal earrings Sense earrings &&&&&+9900 11 oz &&&&+83250 &&&&&&&&&&+37000 A$92.50


The colours available are:

amber-coloured apricot-coloured aquamarine clouded grey cloudy pink
dark emerald green green-blue honey-coloured ice blue
jet black milky white pale gold pink rose pink
ruby red sapphire blue sky blue soft violet

If specify a colour, that colour will appear before the word "crystal" in the short and long descriptions. Undyed crystal will have nothing there.


Different types of jewellery have different effects when worn.

Type Glance name Effect Description
Sense Crystal <item> This can be used to "find" or "sense" the warmth of npcs or players, telling you whether they're on the Disc. This works even for scry-proof npcs.
Elven Crystal acorn <item> When this is worn, it adds a line to your description: "An elven aura seems to cling to her."
Halo Crystal and filigree <item> When this is worn and your alignment is barely good or more, it adds a line to your description: "A faint halo glitters softly above her head."
Bell Crystal bell <item> This gives off chats.
Flame Crystal flame <item> This gives off chats.
Love Crystal loveheart <item> This gives the "You feel the sweet assurance that somebody loves you." message when worn.
Rose Crystal rose <item> This gives off chats.
Star Crystal star <item> When this is worn it adds a line to your description: "Tiny violet stars seem to twinkle on her skin."
Teardrop Crystal teardrop <item> This gives off chats. You can also "cover" people with sparkles to add the line "She shimmers and sparkles beautifully," to their description for a little while.
Beauty Elegant crystal <item> When this is worn, it adds a line to your description: "There is a soft glow of beauty to her features."
Bubble Crystal bubble <item> This gives off chats. You can also use it to "send" people messages with bubbles. These messages look like this:
A few sparkling, crystalline bubbles float in from <sender> and bob around your head.
The bubbles spell out the message: <message>
The bubbles disperse with a series of soft pops.


If you do not specify a colour it will be undyed.