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| [[Talaria]] || footwear ||Dockside Market, [[Ephebe]]
| [[Talaria]] || footwear ||Dockside Market, [[Ephebe]]
| [[Urban Pturbans]] || turbans ||West side of the [[Djelibeybi]] bazaar
| [[Urban Pturbans]] || turbans and veils ||West side of the [[Djelibeybi]] bazaar
| [[William Cobbler]] || footwear ||The Soake near Hide Park, [[Ankh-Morpork]]
| [[William Cobbler]] || footwear ||The Soake near Hide Park, [[Ankh-Morpork]]

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Custom clothing are made by npcs all around the Disc.

Peddler Item types Location
A funky hat shop hats Joy Luck Street near the west part of Long Street, Bes Pelargic
Alyssa of Gapp chasubles, vestments and robes Street of Small Gods in Ankh-Morpork
Briony towels Underdocks of Ephebe
Brittnee t-shirts Savannah Road in Genua
Cade l'Insignateur message badges Paradise Crescent in Genua
Daria swimwear Underdocks of Ephebe
Elmira Giant fruitbat clothing Razorback
Fluffy student wizard robes Off the courtyard up in the Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble
Frank Gnaby party hats King's Way in Ankh-Morpork
Geta the Hutt geta Street leading into the Snail in Bes Pelargic
Grangrid, Graves, and Descendants formal wear North end of Chrononhotonthologos street in Ankh-Morpork
Han Sew Low obi Imperial Avenue in Bes Pelargic
Hatty Lillington headwear The junction of Spa Lane and Pallant Street in Ankh (AM)
Jolly student wizards' hats Room above Fluffy student in the Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble
Linze the tailor togas Philosopher's Walk in Ephebe
Maurice Trimbleworthy cloaks In the Cutangle Inn in Brass Neck
Mrs. Cosmopilite various clothing and accessories Quirm Street in Ankh-Morpork
Nathan lingerie Artorollo Alley, a bit west of Least Gate in Ankh-Morpork
Nicolette Leveaux a wide variety of clothing and accessories In the basement of the Thieves' Guild in Ankh-Morpork
Obi Wan Kimono kimonos Silver Dragon Lane in Bes Pelargic
Old cobbler footwear Outside a stall by a fountain in the Harbour Market, Ephebe
Qui-Got Zori zori Pearl Street in Bes Pelargic
Ripley's Custom Tabards tabards Plaza of Broken Moons Ankh-Morpork
Sophie Mortimer witches' hats Mad Stoat
Stephan fur clothing Mad Wolf
Talaria footwear Dockside Market, Ephebe
Urban Pturbans turbans and veils West side of the Djelibeybi bazaar
William Cobbler footwear The Soake near Hide Park, Ankh-Morpork
Miss Armitage shawls Queen's Road in Sto Lat
Gerard de Wendelle evening gowns Wall Street near eastern gate, Sto Lat
Madam Miliena  locket with inscription Garlic Grove near eastern gate, Sto Lat
Sulphie Lowen  wedding and other gowns Diamond Crescent, Genua
Lacet Voyle  wedding veils Diamond Crescent, Genua
Buic Kressley gloves Diamond Crescent, Genua
Voiiten Ganq shoes Diamond Crescent, Genua
Monsieur Aubert suits Diamond Crescent, Genua
Enne Ira club badge clothing and jewellery Temple of Cool

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