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Crystal balls are magical items used to scry players and unique NPCs. They can be shattered to produce thaum crystals. Unlike longsight and gaze, crystal balls provide the scryer with a dynamically updating view of their target until either they are rubbed or the scryer runs out of guild points. What is seen through crystal balls can be distorted by high levels of background magic.

Crystal balls can be purchased from Harmony Stardancer's shop in Ankh-Morpork for $100. They are also available at the Magick Box in Genua, and Harmony Stardancer's in Ohulan Cutash.


Originally obtained as the reward for the now defunct quest Eye Doctor, crystal balls were disabled on 14 September 2004[1] for reasons of balance. They were returned to the game on 28 March 2009 with both more and different skill checks and a susceptibility to high levels of background magic[2].


  • scry <living> with ball
  • rub ball
  • gaze into ball
  • shatter ball

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