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Command information
GP Cost 35/40/45
Learnt At 150 of fighting.special.weapon
Skills Used Fighting.special.weapon and Fighting.melee for the weapon used
Items Needed A blunt weapon that allows crush
Guild Warriors

Crush is a warrior-only command that is used mid combat. Whether a weapon is capable of crushing can be found through use of the judge command.

Pages that link to this page: mostly weapons that this command can be used with.


Crush can be learned at 150 levels of fighting.special.weapon from a guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


crush <target> with <weapon>
crush <target> <random|hands|feet|legs|arms|neck|back|ribs|kneecaps|skull> with <weapon>
crush compare <zone 1> with <zone 2>

Target zones

Damage, preparation difficulty, launch difficulty and guild point cost will depend on the zone targeted. From weakest to most damaging the target zones and associated guild point cost are:

35gp hands|feet
35gp legs
35gp arms
35gp neck
40gp back
45gp ribs|kneecaps
45gp skull

Generally the launch difficulty is constant and the preparation difficulty scales with damage but there are two exceptions where:

It is more damaging to crush someone in the ribs than in the neck, but just as difficult.
It is less damaging to crush someone in the kneecaps than in the skull, but harder to prepare, but easier to launch.

Note that targeting the ribs costs fewer guild points than targeting the guts, and that targeting the kneecaps is hardest of all to prepare but makes the crush easier to launch.

Crush Messages

If a successful crush kills the target, a special message may be displayed.

  • As the <victim> absorbs a blow from your <weapon>, <his/her/its> body gives way and folds like an accordion. Perhaps a skilled musician could play a triumphant jig on it.
  • The <victim> suffers the full brunt of a blow from your <weapon>, reducing <his/her/its> resulting cadaver to something more resembling a drawing by an angry child than anything once alive.
  • Chunks of flesh are hurled into the air by the force of your final swing of your <weapon>, leaving the <victim> in several bloody pieces on the ground. The gravedigger isn't going to be best pleased.
  • You launch a powerful attack with your <weapon>. Something between a squelch and a crunch emanates from the <victim> as <his/her/its> corpse collapses in a graceless heap.
  • You turn the <victim>'s <body part> into a pulpy mess of flesh and bone with a powerful swing of your <weapon>, killing <his/her/it> outright.
  • Your final blow with your <weapon> hits the <victim> with a sickening crunch as bones shatter, sending <his/her/it> sprawling lifelessly.
  • You launch a powerful attack with your <weapon>. The <victim> succumbs to your battery and dies, concave in all the wrong places.
  • Your <weapon> collides with the <victim>'s body at such a speed that it reduces <his/her/its> carcass to a pulp of tissue, limbs and indeterminate organs. All that remain are... remains.
  • You slam your <weapon> into the <victim> with enough force to lift <his/her/it> a foot off the ground, spinning in a slow circle before <his/her/it> lands in a messy, bloodied heap.
  • A series of sharp but muffled cracks can be heard as the <victim>'s ribcage is pulverised by a crushing blow from your <weapon>.
  • The top of the <victim>'s skull collapses in on <his/her/it>self as you crush it with your sledgehammer, sending chunks of brain and bone splattering about.
  • As your <weapon> connects, the <victim> watches <his/her/its> ribs splinter and cave in, puncturing <his/her/its> lungs and other organs before <his/her/it> collapses with a gurgle, flecks of bloody foam on <his/her/its> lips.
  • As your <weapon> smashes into the <victim>'s stomach, <his/her/it> doubles over. The one thing learned from <his/her/its> death is that <his/her/it> had a kebab for supper.

Troll-specific Messages

  • The <troll> stumbles as a colossal lump of stone is torn loose from <his/her> frame by your <weapon>. There is a long moment where nothing happens before <his/her> collapses into a mound of rubble.

Related achievements

Crushing achievements belong to the warriors category.

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