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Command information
GP Cost 45
Learnt At 150 of fighting.special.weapon
Skills Used Fighting.special.weapon and Fighting.melee for the weapon used
Items Needed A blunt weapon that allows crush
Guild Warriors

Crush is a warrior-only command that is used mid combat. Whether a weapon is capable of crushing can be found through use of the judge command.

Pages that link to this page: mostly weapons that this command can be used with.


Crush can be learned at 150 levels of fighting.special.weapon from a guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


crush <target> with <weapon>

Crush Messages

If a successful crush kills the target, a special message may be displayed.

  • As the <victim> absorbs a blow from your <weapon>, <his/her/its> body gives way and folds like an accordion. Perhaps a skilled musician could play a triumphant jig on it.
  • The <victim> suffers the full brunt of a blow from your <weapon>, reducing <his/her/its> resulting cadaver to something more resembling a drawing by an angry child than anything once alive.
  • Chunks of flesh are hurled into the air by the force of your final swing of your <weapon>, leaving the <victim> in several bloody pieces on the ground. The gravedigger isn't going to be best pleased.
  • You launch a powerful attack with your <weapon>. Something between a squelch and a crunch emanates from the <victim> as <his/her/its> corpse collapses in a graceless heap.
  • You turn the <victim>'s <body part> into a pulpy mess of flesh and bone with a powerful swing of your <weapon>, killing <his/her/it> outright.
  • Your final blow with your <weapon> hits the <victim> with a sickening crunch as bones shatter, sending <his/her/it> sprawling lifelessly.
  • You launch a powerful attack with your <weapon>. The <victim> succumbs to your battery and dies, concave in all the wrong places.
  • Your <weapon> collides with the <victim>'s body at such a speed that it reduces <his/her/its> carcass to a pulp of tissue, limbs and indeterminate organs. All that remain are... remains.
  • You slam your <weapon> into the <victim> with enough force to lift <his/her/it> a foot off the ground, spinning in a slow circle before <his/her/it> lands in a messy, bloodied heap.
  • A series of sharp but muffled cracks can be heard as the <victim>'s ribcage is pulverised by a crushing blow from your <weapon>.
  • The top of the <victim>'s skull collapses in on <his/her/it>self as you crush it with your sledgehammer, sending chunks of brain and bone splattering about.
  • As your <weapon> connects, the <victim> watches <his/her/its> ribs splinter and cave in, puncturing <his/her/its> lungs and other organs before <his/her/it> collapses with a gurgle, flecks of bloody foam on <his/her/its> lips.
  • As your <weapon> smashes into the <victim>'s stomach, <his/her/it> doubles over. The one thing learned from <his/her/its> death is that <his/her/it> had a kebab for supper.

Troll-specific Messages

  • The <troll> stumbles as a colossal lump of stone is torn loose from <his/her> frame by your <weapon>. There is a long moment where nothing happens before <his/her> collapses into a mound of rubble.

Related achievements

Crushing achievements belong to the warriors category.

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