Crow-legged cottage

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The wandering cottage is a deserted witch cottage which wanders the Uberwaldean forests, striding about atop two giant chicken legs.

Items and curiosities to be found in the cottage

  • There are bottles and a Hat prayer book to be found on the bookshelf.
  • Touching the spindle causes you to prick yourself, which makes you 'feel slightly more alert'. However, no change in adventuring.perception bonus is seen when this happens.
  • A tentacle waves at you if you try to fill anything from the cauldron.
  • There are various herbs available:
  • Searching the pillow produces a key. It is unclearresearch what the key is for.
  • There is a chest downstairs; the key does not fit it.

The cottage roof

The cottage roof can be reached by crawling and then entering the window upstairs. It is possible to leave the cottage by going down from the roof, but this will cause damage without sufficient skill in adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling.