Crondor's Marvellous Sequestration

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Crondor's Marvellous Sequestration
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Defensive
GP cost 350
Mind space 60
Thaums 12
Components A sapphire ring, a handful of purple mineral powder
Tome Thee Secrets of Artifyce and Crafte

Crondor's Marvellous Sequestration (abbreviated as CMS2) is a zeroth order miscellaneous spell which creates an arcane connection between a sapphire ring and a staff, allowing the caster to store the staff between the folds of reality.

When the staff is stored using the command 'store staff between here and there', it will seemingly not exist until it is called back into the caster's inventory with the command 'retrieve staff from elsewhere'. Only one staff can be stored in a star sapphire ring, and the ring can only be used by the caster.

Spell details

This spell costs 350 GP to cast and takes up 60 units of mind space.

It costs nothing to make an attempt at storing the staff, whereas an attempt to retrieve it will cost 50 GP.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


A staff, a sapphire ring and one handful of purple mineral powder to perform the spell. A successful cast onto the staff (which needs to be held) will turn the sapphire ring into a star sapphire ring and consume the powder.


  • Failed casts of this spell have been known to kill (mostly witches), and can do upwards of 1500 hit points of damage.
  • Failed attempts at retrieving the staff from elsewhere can lead to the caster being whacked in the head for minor damage, or in some extreme cases (low skills permitting), loss of an arm.
  • A current bug means that if either a staff or star sapphire ring bound by this spell are taken into the capture the flag arena, the staff will almost certainly be lost upon death, making the ring useless.

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