Crondor's Marvellous Sequestration

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Crondor's Marvellous Sequestration
Spell information
Nickname cmseq cms2
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Links a ring to a staff so it can be stored outside reality.
GP cost 350
Mind space 60
Thaums 12
Components sapphire ring (consumed), handful of purple mineral powder (consumed)
It requires the focus of an octogram.
Tome Thee Secrets of Artifyce and Crafte

Crondor's Marvellous Sequestration (abbreviated as CMS2 or CMSEQ) is a zeroth order miscellaneous spell which creates an arcane connection between a sapphire ring and a staff, allowing the caster to store the staff between the folds of reality.

When the staff is stored using the command 'store staff between here and there', it will seemingly not exist until it is called back into the caster's inventory with the command 'retrieve staff from elsewhere'. Only one staff can be stored in a star sapphire ring, and the ring can only be used by the caster.

Spell details

This spell costs 350 GP to cast and takes up 60 units of mind space.

It costs nothing to make an attempt at storing the staff, whereas an attempt to retrieve it will cost 50 GP.


Spellcheck results
150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 350 375 400

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell require the focus of an octogram.

A staff, a sapphire ring and one handful of purple mineral powder to perform the spell. A successful cast onto the staff (which needs to be held) will turn the sapphire ring into a star sapphire ring and consume the powder.

The resulting star sapphire ring will be the same regardless of the type of sapphire ring used, whether the sapphire and diamond ring from Djelibeybi, the sapphire teardrop nipple ring from Ephebe or a used blue crystal ring from an artifact shop.

On failure the sapphire ring will be lost and the powder consumed.

Casting Messages

You gesture with the staff, tracing out the flaws in the world around you where a little pressure might let something slip through to another plane.
You wrap your mind around the sapphire ring, reshaping it into an idealised form and tracing strange fantastical constellations of stars on its surface.
You bring the staff and the ring together, letting the band slip down the shaft and wrap snugly around it, merging into the staff.
You sprinkle the purple mineral powder over your staff and sublimate it with a flicker of magic, spinning it out into octarine threads.

Success Messages

You wrap the threads of enchantment around the staff and ring, binding them indissolubly to one another.
The ring, transmuted into a gleaming star sapphire set in an engraved silver band, slides easily off the staff.

Failure Messages

The sapphire ring abruptly flashes with a bright silver-blue light, somehow transmuting its substance into the stuff of magic.  You attempt to channel it away from you, but only succeed in diverting a small part of it, and both your staff and your hands are scorched with magical lightning.

To others

Dark Claudio Womblesworth gestures expansively with his staff.
Dark Claudio Womblesworth rubs a sapphire ring coaxingly.
Dark Claudio Womblesworth slips the sapphire ring onto his staff.
Dark Claudio Womblesworth sprinkles some purple mineral powder over his staff.
Dark Claudio Womblesworth holds his staff in the air as it glows with a cool silver-blue light.

Storing Messages

You lift your sapphire blue rowan walking stick and twist it slightly to align it with the currents of elsewhere.  You twist an arcane thread around it, attaching the other end to your star sapphire ring as its anchor to this plane, and release it to drift between here and there.
The sapphire blue rowan walking stick slips between the folds of reality.

Others see

An artificer's staff hovers in the air and starts glowing gently.
The artificer's staff seems to move a long way off quite rapidly, while staying exactly where it is, and disappears.

Retrieval Messages

A sapphire blue rowan walking stick sails through a hole in the fabric of space and time and you catch it in your right hand.

Others see

Dark Claudio Womblesworth reaches out to pluck an artificer's staff from the air.


  • Failed casts of this spell have been known to kill, and can do upwards of 1500 hit points of damage. It's worth noting that this damage does not seem to be reduced by either TPA or HEB.
  • Failed attempts at storing or retrieving the staff into/from elsewhere can lead to the caster being whacked in the head for minor damage, or in some extreme cases (low magic.spells.special permitting), loss of an arm and/or the staff.

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