Cricket bat

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The cricket bat is about three feet long and four inches wide. It is made of wood and could be used as a weapon of type mace. You heft the cricket bat and guess that it weighs about three pounds. You think that the cricket bat is a very good mace which can be used to bash. It is rather easy to attack with.

Traditionally, the noble gentlemanly game of cricket is played with a three-foot length of white willow, planed and polished and oiled with linseed. A neat and unobtrusive maker's mark might sit at the base of the blade, but no gentleman - or even player - would dream of purchasing a bat from anyone except Wystanly & Murcherson of Sto Lat. This particular specimen, however, has split down most of its length, and been roughly repaired with knotted leather thonging. The handle has been wrapped with stained, ratty fur, apparently ripped from its original owner - of indeterminate species and bodily hygiene - with someone's teeth, and the maker's mark has been obscured with a rather nasty dent. All in all, it looks rather as though someone has been using it to knock the heads of Klatchistani tribesmen, rather than knocking balls for six or even four.

It can be obtained from Hugh in the Hublandish Barbarian camp.