Creel Springs

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Creel Springs is a village in the Ramtops.


East of Creel Springs is Mad Wolf, and the northwest road leads to the rest of Lancre kingdom, the closest towns in that direction being Razorback and Lancre Town.

Language and currency

The language in Creel Springs is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is Lancre money.


Currently no player council governs Creel Springs.


The Lancre carriage stops here.


All property in Creel Springs is handled from the real estate stall in Lancre Town.

Player housing

There are two player houses, one on the road to Mad Wolf and the other one south of the bathing shop.

Features of Creel Springs

  • From the carriage stop outside the wizard's guild, a roughly pear-shaped road goes around the local pond.
    • One road leaves east out of the village, heading to Mad Wolf.
    • A second road goes northwest to the rest of the Lancre Kingdom.

  • The forge south of the dwarfish shop, and in the same building, allows repairs of weapons, armour and jewellery.
  • Bulletin boards include -
    • A frog board in the Creel Springs Inn
    • A wizards board in the dining hall of the House of Magic guild house
  • The hot spring allows for bathing, swimming and cleaning. Also, being in the water will heal you slightly, and you can "dunk" other people (which is an opposed adventuring.movement.swimming skillcheck) there.


Custom Shops

  • None

General Shops

  • The Creel Springs bathing shop sells everything for your swimming and bathing needs, including coloured soap crayons that can be used to write on people with.
  • A dwarfish shop (NPC: Mr Grundsworth) sells basic armour and weapons.
  • Magic and Meddlers' Shop, upstairs in the wizards' guild, can meet all your basic wizarding needs.


  • The Creel Springs Inn has a basic assortment of food and drinks, including the Ramtops regional specialty of scumble.


Wizards' Guild

The House of Magic is a branch of the Ankh-Morpork Unseen University in Creel Springs. Some features include:


Wandering NPCs
  • Dia Shale
General NPCs
  • Children
  • Farmer
  • Shepherd
  • Villager


There are two achievements related to the hot spring: