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Short form
Stat dependencies
Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 3 2 0 0
Skill tree
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Crafts.pottery.forming.shaping determines ones ability to shape semi-solid materials.

Crafts use

Shaping is used to determine the quality of the moulding stage of making pottery.


No guilds have this skill as a primary.

TM opportunities

0-50 bonus

Bonus Action taken

51-100 bonus

Bonus Action taken

101-150 bonus

Bonus Action taken

151-200 bonus

Bonus Action taken

201-250 bonus

Bonus Action taken
220 Moulding a plate, pleasant result.
221 Moulding a bowl, rustic result.
221 Moulding a saucer
222 Moulding a beautiful cabbage mug
222 Moulding a plain cow jug
233 Moulding a plain cow jug.
233 Moulding a bowl.

251-300 bonus

Bonus Action taken
296 Moulding a cabbage teapot, plain result

301-350 bonus

Bonus Action taken