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This page draws together pages which details the wide array of craft activities one can engage in on the MUD. For the purposes of this section, "craft activities" includes everything which significantly uses skills in the crafts tree - hence, actions like tracking and bandaging are included. Also, a few of the things listed need little or low level craft skills to perform, or only need skills for a small part of the process. They have been included if they seem "crafty" enough.

This page is a work in progress - if you have experience with a particular craft activity, please write or add to the the relevant page - if an activity is not listed, please add it to this page and write something about it (even if it isn't much - just enough to point people in the right direction). If submitting content, please try to adhere to the format used in other pages where possible.

The new Sto Lat Wizard's Guild has a few craft activities which are not yet listed - if you know anything about them, please add some information!

Craft Activities


While most of the information on these pages was written based on existing knowledge, testing and help files, some of it has been drawn from various sources. Command learning requirements sourced from Wallsy's site, music and box/instrument case decoration sourced from Deb's site.