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Command information
GP Cost 45
Learnt At 90 Covert.lockpick.safes
Skills Used Covert.lockpick.safes
Items Needed N/A
Guild Thieves

Crack is a thief-only command that is used to break info safes with the aid of safe cracking tools. If it follows successful use of the command probe you are more likely to succeed in Cracking the safe's security.

It was removed from the game when it was determined that cracking the safes in shops was unbalanced.[1] The command re-entered the game on April 1, 2012.[2]

Once you've succeeded in Cracking the safe, you are able to perform a specific action to unlock the safe, depending on the type of safe it is. This sometimes requires use of another item, the known methods so far involve: A small mirror, a drill, a pair of rubber gloves, and a Swamp Dragon.research These items are not in your safe cracking tools, and will need to be obtained elsewhere.


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