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Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 2 1 2 0
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Covert.manipulation.stealing is the skill used to determine a player's ability to deprive others of their property.


This skill is used to determine how likely the following commands are to succeed:


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

The following have been known to work:

  • Reading books in AM Thieves' Guild Library (Thief-only)
  • Snatch <item> from <living> leaving <direction>
  • Steal <item> from <living>
  • Shoplift <item>
  • Filch <item> (from <container> in|from) <living>


 (Shops) Bonus obtained, Shop stolen from, Item stolen, Item value, Item weight, brightness inside shop
(People) Bonus obtained, Command used, NPC stolen from (or perception bonus of PK stolen from, if you can get it), weight of item, whether item was carried, held, worn, or contained (or money), brightness in room at time of steal

0-50 bonus

Bonus Action taken
32 steal, SUR thin dealer, "some pence", very poorly lit

51-100 bonus

Bonus Action taken
93 stealing incense from the temple shop of Gufnork in OC.
98 stealing a lightable torch from the shop in Nowhere.
100 stealing 3 Lancre shillings, 2 Lancre thruppences, 2 Lancre tuppences, one Lancre ha'penny and 2 Lancre farthings from an

101-150 bonus

Bonus Action taken
101 Steal, Some cents, N/A, N/A, Child (Genua), Well-lit
103 Shoplift, Incense, ???, ???, Temple shop of Gufnork (OC), Unknown
105 Steal, Lancre Money - 1 thruppence, 1 tuppence, 1 ha'penny, 1 farthing, N/A, N/A, Old farmer, Well-lit
108 Steal, Lancre Money - 1 ha'penny, 2 farthings, N/A, N/A, Short farmer, Brightly lit
110 Steal, Lancre Money - 1 sixpence, 1 thruppence, N/A, N/A, Short peasant, Dimly lit
113 Shoplift, Incense, ???, ???, Temple shop of Sek (OC), Unknown
115 Shoplift, Incense, ???, ???, Temple shop of Gufnork (OC), Unknown

151-200 bonus

Bonus Action taken
166 Shoplifting a ladle from the Utensils shop in Bad Ass.

201-250 bonus

Bonus Action taken
225 Shoplift, Gold ring, AM$4.40, 1/9 lb, Royal Market Jewelers (Sto Lat), Quite well lit
228 Shoplift, Tangerine, Gl$1,33, 1/9 lb, Fruit stall (Genua), Quite well lit
228 Filch, Golden buffalo kimono, ???, 3 lb, Smelly old man (BP), Quite well lit

251-300 bonus

Bonus Action taken
256 shoplift, AM Fred Sylver's, hummingbird pin for 5.75, 21% burdened, well lit
268 steal, DJB soldier, money, dimly lit
270 steal, DJB Mihk-gran-bohp, some Djelian tooni, dimly lit
271 stole 6 Ankh-Morpork dollars, 2 Ankh-Morpork ten-pences and 2 Ankh-Morpork pence from the good humoured bodyguard, outside AM, well lit, no free hands, 23% burden
281 steal, BP vendor, 4 rhinu, very bright
283 steal, OC weaponsmith, 9 Ls, bright light
290 shoplift, Royal Market Jewellers, gold bracelet
290 shoplift, Sto Lat wizard ink shop, bottle of ink
291 steal, BP poet, 3 rhinu, quite well lit
293 Snatch, Charisse, holy symbol
295 Steal, Royal Market Jewellers, gold medallion, dimly lit
296 Steal, simple timepiece shop, ivory-faced watch, quite well lit
296 Steal, vagrant, 3 dollars, well lit
297 Steal, Omar Amahl's shop, gold bracelet, dimly lit

301-350 bonus

Bonus Action taken
301 shoplifting gold bracelet at the Royal Market jewellers, hiding, very brightly lit
301 shoplifting rose rhodonite ring at the Butterfly Boulevard stone carver, 26%, hiding and sneaking high
302 shoplifting black lacquered box at Wan Bending Reed, hiding, well lit
337 shoplifting dragonhead ring at Tinydragon, 16%, dimly lit, hiding and sneak high
343 shoplifting a golden buffalo kimono valued at 2Rh 115s at a general store on Divive Flower Market, 9%, sneaking high.
343 shoplifting a twilight silk bathrobe valued at A$22.02 from a bathrobe shop in Sto Lat, 14%, hiding and sneak high

351-400 bonus

Bonus Action taken
355 Shoplift, small niche, closed traditional Agatean engraving pattern book for 40Rh, two free hands, well lit, 20% burden.
355 Shoplift, jewellery stall, amber bracelet for 31Rh 30s, two free hands, dimly lit, 24% burden.
356 Shoplift, ivory stall, ivory blowpipe for 45 DjToon, two free hands, very well lit, 21% burden.
356 Shoplift, affordable jewellery store, looped nose ring for 16Rh 54s, two free hands, brightly lit, 25% burden.
358 Shoplift, Ptap-Klip-Pton's House of Couture, shimmering bellydancer's skirt for 32.00 DjToon, two free hands, well lit, 29% burden.
358 Shoplift, small tannery, laced black leather bodice for 90.00 DjToon, two free hands, well lit with me producing quite a bit of light, 34% burden.
359 Filch, Andi Jones, white silk shirt, one free hand, well lit, 24% burden. Andi's approximate perception bonus = 140-250.
359 Filch, Samurai in BP, katana.
359 Shoplift, Mrs Willikins-Boydle's Tea Parlour and Embroidery Shop, thread spool for A$25.00, two free hands, quite well lit, 24% burden.
361 Shoplift, Urban Pturbans, a delicate chiffon belly dancer veil with silver sequins for 40.00 DjToon, two free hands, dimly lit, 25% burden.
362 Shoplift, Mano Rossa Clothing Shop, a silver stick pin for 2 Genuan forins(A$15), two free hands, well lit, hard scope, 27% burden.
362 Shoplift, silversmith's, a silver cat anklet for DjToon 87.00 (A$43.50), two free hands, dimly lit, somewhat hard scope, 27% burden.
363 Shoplift, small niche, an enamelled calligraphy brush for 52Rh 49s(A$62.89), two free hands, well lit, hard scope, 33% burden.
363 Harem of Hats and Seraglio of Shoes, a violet silk beret for 100 DjToon(A$50.00), two free hands, poorly lit, 32% burden,
379 shoplift, The occult jewellery stall, a silver ankh pendant for A$12.50, dimly lit
381 filching weapon from DJB soldier, no free hands, 10% burden.
382 filching a dagger from a D'reg woman while fighting her
383 shoplifting a ruby wedding necklace from Pfabi Djai's (DjToon 65.00), hiding, empty handed
388 filching a hunting knife from a SUR hunter, both hands full, 11% burden.
396 shoplift, a jewellery stall along Garden Walk, Bes Pelargic, a rice brooch for 20Rh 100s, dimly lit
396 filch, a sharpened sai from a mystical ninja in Bes Pelargic

401-450 bonus

Bonus Action taken
401 shoplift, a jewellery store on Market Street, Bes Pelargic, a blue crystal necklace for 12Rh 26s, brightly lit
402 shoplift, small bridal store in Djelibeybi, a midnight black silk vest for DjToon 41.28
403 shoplift, a purple mineral nugget from the Alchemists' Guild in AM worth $68.50, 21% burden, nothing held.

451-500 bonus

Bonus Action taken
477 snatching 2 tooni from a muscular soldier in Djelibeybi, 16% burden, holding weapons, outside, afternoon
478 shoplifting a looped nose ring (19Rh70s), 12% burden, empty hands, hiding, 17 hours after last theft there
478 shoplifting a gimlet belly stone (DjToon 100), 13% burden, one hand free, quite well lit
479 shoplifting a silver cat anklet (DJToon 100), 13% burden, one hand free, dimly lit, after shoplifting DjToon 250 of other items first