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Stat dependencies
Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 2 1 2 0
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Covert.manipulation.stealing is the skill used to determine a player's ability to deprive others of their property.


This skill is used to determine how likely the following commands are to succeed:


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

0-50 bonus

Bonus Action taken
32 steal, SUR thin dealer, "some pence", very poorly lit

51-100 bonus

Bonus Action taken
93 stealing incense from the temple shop of Gufnork in OC.
98 stealing a lightable torch from the shop in Nowhere.
100 stealing 3 Lancre shillings, 2 Lancre thruppences, 2 Lancre tuppences, one Lancre ha'penny and 2 Lancre farthings from an

101-150 bonus

Bonus Action taken
101 Steal, Some cents, N/A, N/A, Child (Genua), Well-lit
103 Shoplift, Incense, ???, ???, Temple shop of Gufnork (OC), Unknown
105 Steal, Lancre Money - 1 thruppence, 1 tuppence, 1 ha'penny, 1 farthing, N/A, N/A, Old farmer, Well-lit
108 Steal, Lancre Money - 1 ha'penny, 2 farthings, N/A, N/A, Short farmer, Brightly lit
110 Steal, Lancre Money - 1 sixpence, 1 thruppence, N/A, N/A, Short peasant, Dimly lit
113 Shoplift, Incense, ???, ???, Temple shop of Sek (OC), Unknown
115 Shoplift, Incense, ???, ???, Temple shop of Gufnork (OC), Unknown

151-200 bonus

Bonus Action taken
166 Shoplifting a ladle from the Utensils shop in Bad Ass.

201-250 bonus

Bonus Action taken
225 Shoplift, Gold ring, AM$4.40, 1/9 lb, Royal Market Jewelers (Sto Lat), Quite well lit
228 Shoplift, Tangerine, Gl$1,33, 1/9 lb, Fruit stall (Genua), Quite well lit
228 Filch, Golden buffalo kimono, ???, 3 lb, Smelly old man (BP), Quite well lit

251-300 bonus

Bonus Action taken
256 shoplift, AM Fred Sylver's, hummingbird pin for 5.75, 21% burdened, well lit
268 steal, DJB soldier, money, dimly lit
270 steal, DJB Mihk-gran-bohp, some Djelian tooni, dimly lit
271 stole 6 Ankh-Morpork dollars, 2 Ankh-Morpork ten-pences and 2 Ankh-Morpork pence from the good humoured bodyguard, outside AM, well lit, no free hands, 23% burden
281 steal, BP vendor, 4 rhinu, very bright
283 steal, OC weaponsmith, 9 Ls, bright light
290 shoplift, Royal Market Jewellers, gold bracelet
290 shoplift, Sto Lat wizard ink shop, bottle of ink
291 steal, BP poet, 3 rhinu, quite well lit
293 Snatch, Charisse, holy symbol
295 Steal, Royal Market Jewellers, gold medallion, dimly lit
296 Steal, simple timepiece shop, ivory-faced watch, quite well lit
296 Steal, vagrant, 3 dollars, well lit
297 Steal, Omar Amahl's shop, gold bracelet, dimly lit

301-350 bonus

Bonus Action taken
301 shoplifting gold bracelet at the Royal Market jewellers, hiding, very brightly lit
301 shoplifting rose rhodonite ring at the Butterfly Boulevard stone carver, 26%, hiding and sneaking high
302 shoplifting black lacquered box at Wan Bending Reed, hiding, well lit
337 shoplifting dragonhead ring at Tinydragon, 16%, dimly lit, hiding and sneak high
343 shoplifting a golden buffalo kimono valued at 2Rh 115s at a general store on Divive Flower Market, 9%, sneaking high.
343 shoplifting a twilight silk bathrobe valued at A$22.02 from a bathrobe shop in Sto Lat, 14%, hiding and sneak high

351-400 bonus

Bonus Action taken
355 Shoplift, small niche, closed traditional Agatean engraving pattern book for 40Rh, two free hands, well lit, 20% burden.
355 Shoplift, jewellery stall, amber bracelet for 31Rh 30s, two free hands, dimly lit, 24% burden.
356 Shoplift, ivory stall, ivory blowpipe for 45 DjToon, two free hands, very well lit, 21% burden.
356 Shoplift, affordable jewellery store, looped nose ring for 16Rh 54s, two free hands, brightly lit, 25% burden.
358 Shoplift, Ptap-Klip-Pton's House of Couture, shimmering bellydancer's skirt for 32.00 DjToon, two free hands, well lit, 29% burden.
358 Shoplift, small tannery, laced black leather bodice for 90.00 DjToon, two free hands, well lit with me producing quite a bit of light, 34% burden.
359 Filch, Andi Jones, white silk shirt, one free hand, well lit, 24% burden. Andi's approximate perception bonus = 140-250.
359 Filch, Samurai in BP, katana.
359 Shoplift, Mrs Willikins-Boydle's Tea Parlour and Embroidery Shop, thread spool for A$25.00, two free hands, quite well lit, 24% burden.
361 Shoplift, Urban Pturbans, a delicate chiffon belly dancer veil with silver sequins for 40.00 DjToon, two free hands, dimly lit, 25% burden.
362 Shoplift, Mano Rossa Clothing Shop, a silver stick pin for 2 Genuan forins(A$15), two free hands, well lit, hard scope, 27% burden.
362 Shoplift, silversmith's, a silver cat anklet for DjToon 87.00 (A$43.50), two free hands, dimly lit, somewhat hard scope, 27% burden.
363 Shoplift, small niche, an enamelled calligraphy brush for 52Rh 49s(A$62.89), two free hands, well lit, hard scope, 33% burden.
363 Harem of Hats and Seraglio of Shoes, a violet silk beret for 100 DjToon(A$50.00), two free hands, poorly lit, 32% burden,
379 shoplift, The occult jewellery stall, a silver ankh pendant for A$12.50, dimly lit
381 filching weapon from DJB soldier, no free hands, 10% burden.
382 filching a dagger from a D'reg woman while fighting her
383 shoplifting a ruby wedding necklace from Pfabi Djai's (DjToon 65.00), hiding, empty handed
388 filching a hunting knife from a SUR hunter, both hands full, 11% burden.
396 shoplift, a jewellery stall along Garden Walk, Bes Pelargic, a rice brooch for 20Rh 100s, dimly lit
396 filch, a sharpened sai from a mystical ninja in Bes Pelargic

401-450 bonus

Bonus Action taken
401 shoplift, a jewellery store on Market Street, Bes Pelargic, a blue crystal necklace for 12Rh 26s, brightly lit
402 shoplift, small bridal store in Djelibeybi, a midnight black silk vest for DjToon 41.28
403 shoplift, a purple mineral nugget from the Alchemists' Guild in AM worth $68.50, 21% burden, nothing held.

451-500 bonus

Bonus Action taken
477 snatching 2 tooni from a muscular soldier in Djelibeybi, 16% burden, holding weapons, outside, afternoon
478 shoplifting a looped nose ring (19Rh70s), 12% burden, empty hands, hiding, 17 hours after last theft there
478 shoplifting a gimlet belly stone (DjToon 100), 13% burden, one hand free, quite well lit
479 shoplifting a silver cat anklet (DJToon 100), 13% burden, one hand free, dimly lit, after shoplifting DjToon 250 of other items first