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Stat dependencies
Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 2 1 2 0
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Covert.manipulation.stealing is the skill used to determine a player's ability to deprive others of their property.


This skill is used to determine how likely the following commands are to succeed:


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

0-50 bonus

Bonus Action taken
32 , steal, SUR thin dealer, "some pence", very poorly lit

51-100 bonus

Bonus Action taken
93 stealing incense from the temple shop of Gufnork in OC.
98 stealing a lightable torch from the shop in Nowhere.
100 stealing 3 Lancre shillings, 2 Lancre thruppences, 2 Lancre tuppences, one Lancre ha'penny and 2 Lancre farthings from an

101-150 bonus

Bonus Action taken
101 Steal Some cents N/A N/A Child (Genua) Well-lit
103 Shoplift Incense  ???  ??? Temple shop of Gufnork (OC) Unknown
105 Steal Lancre Money - 1 thruppence, 1 tuppence, 1 ha'penny, 1 farthing N/A N/A Old farmer Well-lit
108 Steal Lancre Money - 1 ha'penny, 2 farthings N/A N/A Short farmer Brightly lit
110 Steal Lancre Money - 1 sixpence, 1 thruppence N/A N/A Short peasant Dimly lit
113 Shoplift Incense  ???  ??? Temple shop of Sek (OC) Unknown
115 Shoplift Incense  ???  ??? Temple shop of Gufnork (OC) Unknown

151-200 bonus

Bonus Action taken
166 - Shoplifting a ladle from the Utensils shop in Bad Ass.

201-250 bonus

Bonus Action taken

251-300 bonus

Bonus Action taken

301-350 bonus

Bonus Action taken

351-400 bonus

Bonus Action taken

401-450 bonus

Bonus Action taken

451-500 bonus

Bonus Action taken