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Discworld Skills is a skill used in both the probing of locks and in attempts to gauge how hard shoplifting may be.


  • Probe command with covert.items.traps to determine how hard a lock will be to pick or crack a safe and whether there are any traps within the lock or safe itself.
    • Probe <direction> on a door with a lock in it.
  • Scope command to determine how likely you are to be successful at a shoplifting attempt.
    • Scope <object> in an item shop.
  • Map command when sneaking or hidden.
  • Canvass section <number> in the Thieves Guild's training room.
  • Locks and traps classroom in the AM Guild of Assassins.
  • Case paintings in training room in the Hashishim Guild.


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken, location, target (value), number of free hands, burden, light levels (self/room)