Counterweight Continent

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The Counterweight Continent, or CWC, also known as the Agatean Empire, is northeast of the Ramtops and the Unnamed Continent, and connects both continents by way of a land bridge and the ice lands.

It is named like that because it serves as a counterweight to the large expanse of the Unnamed Continent that span nearly to the Rim on the other side of the Ramtops, even though it is much smaller, being made mostly of the very dense and extremely magical octiron. There's also substantial amounts of gold.


The Counterweight Continent is surrounded by the Turnwise Ocean and the Widdershins Ocean.


The Ramtops and Uberwald are to the far, far south and west.

Towns and villages

The only accessible city here is Bes Pelargic.

Thursday's Island and the Brown Islands may be said to be in CWC, although they're not really part of the continent.



Agatean is spoken here.


The Agatean Rhinu is the currency used here, although the Brown Islands operate on a trade basis instead.

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