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Warning.png WARNING: Shaft number two in the Copperhead mines is a dangerous zone with auto-attacking npcs and other perils.

The Copperhead mines are composed of an outer area with an exit to Copperhead village and the entry to the mine shafts. Only shaft number two seems accessible currently.

When you enter shaft two you enter an instanced dungeon with a randomly generated map. See the help file reproduced below for more information on this.


You'll have to convince the guard to let you in. He's had to buy more armour to guard shaft number two from the horrors within and it was very expensive.

You'll need to repeat this every hour if you leave and want to come back in. This does not mean that the mine instance has worn off, you go back to the same instance unless you've been gone long enough for it to unload.


Each mine has a central shaft where you end up on entry.

  • This shaft links every levels of the mine.
  • You can drop items there and they will stay stucked on the ladder, they won't drop off.
  • After many levels the shaft is blocked by boiling water, a door too rusted to open or a rocks.

From the central shaft you have:

  • Rooms with doors, either locked (empty) or unlocked (there will be hostile dwarves or trolls inside).
  • Corridors that might lead to a lot more rooms or just one. You have to move off the central shaft to see with 'map' if there's further rooms.

Type of rooms

If you are lucky enough to see into a room before entering you can learn a lot about that room. Unfortunately, except for vurm-lit rooms this requires Dark Sight or enormous amounts of perception and luck.

Each room has a description of what is inside in its short name. You can see it by looking into another room or with glance or set it to show automatically when you enter a room with "options output map glance".

Example: vurm-lit flooded spider nest

spider nest

Home to one spider or occasionally none. If you want to avoid spiders check 'map' to see if it is occupied (the $ symbol). Sometimes you need to move past those rooms to get to other ones.


Vurms are glowing critters that give some light. It does not seem possible to interact with them.


In this room you'll find the crates minigame! You'll need a crowbar.

You have to pry open the crates without spiders in them.

  • The first crate is always free of spiders.
  • You can investigate an opened crate to get a number of the surrounding crates with spiders in them. Sometimes the number you get is wrong and investigating later gives the right number. Trying two times in a row does not catch this.
  • This is similar to the minesweeper game. Learning to recognize patterns for safe crate to check helps a lot. Often you'll need to take chances though.

Things you'll sometimes find in opened crates:

  • engraved <mineral> key - any of these keys open all the locked doors in the central shaft for the instance it was found in. This does not help for future mines.
  • <very small/small/medium-sized> <silver/tin/brass/copper/pewter/bronze> bars.
  • a closed old textbook written in uberwaldean and dwarfish.


This is where the mining happens!

  • You'll need a pickaxe and a small hammer. If you forget your pickaxe you can try to find one on a berserk dwarf miner.
  • Appraise the wall/rock and you'll get an estimate of the distance to the gems. With enough skills and/or attempts you'll get a value that is "exactly" so and so inches.
    • You'll also get an estimate of how many inches the pickaxe and hammer will produce.
  • Figure out how many strikes of the pickaxe and how many chips of the hammer will get you at the gems.
  • Failing with the hammer hurts you, removing some hp.
  • Failing with the pickaxe will make you accidentally hit a nearby boulder, which is a mountain troll that will start to fight you.


With water around your ankles you'll get wet.

There's often sediments in the water, with lots of panning skills, a pan and if you stop at the right itme you might extract some purple mineral powder!


The mine can be a death trap. Come prepared!

Often the hazards / rooms are combined. A choking room with some foes and crates for example.

giant cave spider

A giant cave spider (hiding) is crouching in wait on the ceiling.
The giant cave spider (hiding) rears up and fires a wide spray of webbing from its rear end at you!
You are covered in sticky webbing!
  • It covers everything that enters in webbing and again every few minutes.
    • This leaves a very short time between your struggling free of the webbing and the next time the spider webs you.
    • This sometimes captures giant fruitbats and prevent them from following you.
    • Using FTF to float does not prevent the webbing from restraining you.
    • This uses up all a lot of AP which can make you stop attacking the spider.
  • It is in hiding when you first enter the room and ambushes you.
  • It pursues you.
  • When it bites it poisons you.

berserk dwarf miners

Spotted in amounts between one and three, these dwarves have lost it and will attack upon seeing you.

mountain trolls

shadow bats

falling rocks

When you enter some rooms you'll see this:

Somewhere above you, you hear the rumble of falling rock.

After a few seconds you'll receive several times rocks on your head (each combat rounds you stay in the room).

Heavy rocks rain down from above on your head!

Eventually it will end.

The rockfall peters off.

Leaving the room fast enough and waiting a bit will allow you to avoid this. Using a CCC that absorbs blunt damage will protect you if you fail to notice (for example in combat spam).


Something doesn't smell right.  You take a sniff but the faint odor of rotten eggs makes you cough.

You can't smell it any more, but you're getting a dizzy sort of headache.  Maybe you should get out of here.

When you see this entering a room and your hp drops better not stay long in this room! Forget fighting. Even coming back just a second to open crates is a big pain.

  • The damage you take increases with time. If you leave and come back or go to another stinkgas room it will continue to damage you at the level it was and not at a low damage.
  • When you get "The air here seems fresher." you have found a room without the stinkgas.
  • Even if you leave the room the damage will continue, lessening with time.
  • You are free from the vapours when you see the message "You feel better."


Some rooms have a description the ends with "The air is terribly still, with a certain humid, choking quality to it."

You get a message:

You suddenly feel like you can't breathe.

It is possible that if you stay in such a room too long you will drown.

In game help

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