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Each of the assassin guild specialisations will only accept contracts on specified NPCs. Below is a complete list of contractable NPCs and the guild you must travel to to do so.

Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins
Name Price
Wreck-Me-Own-Boat Thursday A$4.95
Jack Straw A$45
Ned Simnel A$80
The LAG A$150
Harley Skiller A$17
Mum Blithesome A$80
Sokkard A$250
Ilik Tanikalot A$750
Albert A$15
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler A$24.95
Hoff Buchannon A$200
The Hashishim
Name Price
Chop-Me-Own-Head-Off Dhbala &&&&&&&&&&&+9980 DjToon 49.90
Hlep-Hlep &&&&&&&&&+100100 DjToon 500.50
Noc-noc-bang &&&&&&&&&&+54000 DjToon 270
71 Hour Ahmed &&&&&&&&&+278000 DjToon 1390
Rahn-fara-wai &&&&&&&&&+110000 DjToon 550
Mihk-gran-bohp &&&&&&&&&&+30200 DjToon 151
Phos-phor &&&&&&&&&+220000 DjToon 1100
Tak-tekk-eht &&&&&&&&&&+70000 DjToon 350
May-I-Be-Dipped-In-My-Own-Grease Dih-bah-lah &&&&&&&&&&&+3990 DjToon 19.95
Tag-ahn-ruhn &&&&&&&&&&+15000 DjToon 75

The Ninja
Name Price
Stavic Longbeard 66Rh 80s
Truckle the Uncivil 700Rh
Wun Good Cuppa 900Rh
Fivespoon 15Rh
Serene Roses 90Rh
Laggy-san 125Rh
Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala 24Rh 114s
The Mano Rossa
Name Price
Tfat Chick 4,6,66Gf
Albert Dimagio 2,2,6,66Gd
Mr. Tulip 6,0,0,0Gd
Sleep Diblarr 3,3,26Gf
Noobie 1,0,0Gf
General Sallyforth 6,6,6,66Gd
Greig Schwitz 2,4,0Gf
Madame Delight 1,6,0Gf
Dielar 2,9,3,33Gd
Stake-Me-Own-Heart Dybbler 3,3,26Gf

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