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A container is an object that can have other objects inside (or, sometimes, on) it. Scabbards and most types of furniture are specific types of containers, and are excluded in the following lists.

Wearing containers

Wearable things are worn in specific places on the body. You can wear:

  • two backpacks, satchels, or bags

Dry containers

These containers can only hold dry things, not liquids. Some of them can be worn.

Precise weights (as measured on the post office balance) and capacities (figured out by actually putting things into the container) should be bolded. Weights gotten by hand-weighing the container, and capacities gotten from appraise, shouldn't be.

This table uses a special template, Con, to calculate useful ratios from the weight and capacities. See that template's page for details on using it.

Container Type Weight (lbs) lbs # items Capacity (lbs):weight Capacity (items):weight Capacity (lbs):Capacity (items) Source Notes
Properties Capacity Ratios
white linen bag bag &&&&+800 8/9 &&+13500 15 &&+36000 40 &&+15192 16.88 &&+40500 45 &&&&+342 0.38  ? wearable

Liquid containers

These containers can hold liquids, although in general you can fit solid things in as well.

More to come later.