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A player's constitution stat reflects their ability to endure hardship.

Direct effects

  • Higher levels of constitution reduce the poisoning time from various sources.

Skill relationships

  • Constitution features prominently in the adventuring skill tree. Crucially, it affects, and by extension, a player's hit point total.
  • It has a moderate influence in the fighting skill tree.
  • It features little if at all in all the other skill trees.

Guild reliance

  • Warriors often have reasonable levels of constitution due to their reliance on physical combat without arcane shielding; their hit point totals make up for this.
  • Thieves require constitution to a lesser extent, being less combat oriented.
  • Assassins, while combat-oriented, tend not to go for much constitution, instead putting the points into dexterity.
  • Priests may utilize constitution to augment their faith shielding.
  • Wizards require constitution for the elemental skill subtree and defensive skill.
  • Witches do not use elemental skills much, so only require constitution for the defensive skill.