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The consider command attempts to measure your combat ability against that of a potential foe. As players get stronger, the command becomes less accurate, having to take into consideration many different factors.

People and NPCs being considered will be notified of the attempt and may react. A common NPC reaction is drawing weapons, which also serves to make the command more accurate. A player may attempt to consider covertly, which can be used to consider without notifying the target.


consider <living>
consider covert <living>


You would have to be utterly insane to attack <target> Hardest
<target> is into the don't think about it region
<target> looks pretty nasty
<target> is a lot tougher than you
<target> is tougher than you
<target> is slightly tougher than you are
<target> is about equal with you Equal
<target> is slightly weaker than you are
<target> is weaker than you are
<target> is a lot weaker than you are
<target> would be an easy target
<target> is someone you look down on
<target> is too weak to bother attacking Easiest


  • A dog considered a lot weaker, but was able to shred me. (This may have been because I didn't have the skills to keep parrying an unarmed opponent.)
  • Switching from a twenty pound mail hauberk to a thirty pound jazerant didn't seem to make a difference in considers.
  • Unholding/holding weapons varies consider depending on a persons skills. For example, Imperial Guards will typically judge one or two notches lower until they draw their weapons. The same applies for the Hashishim in Djelibeybi.
  • There's plenty of room - tens of bonus - in which a meleeist will be quagmired in ambiguous 'about equal' territory.
  • Once upon a time, you could give items to NPCs. Once you gave enough stuff to them, they would consider easier. This likely coincides with the dex loss from burden or due combat penalties from burden. However, you can no longer do this but you may be able to plant heavy items on them as well such as hundreds of AM pence. This may have been fixed.
  • Another interesting oddity is that NPCs will sometimes consider differently Very briefly when they first appear, regardless of equipment. It may be that the stats/skills for the NPC have not been set yet.

Don't forget consider covert for a way of TM'ing co.po as this has no skill prerequisites!

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