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The condition command tells you how much an item is damaged. It can be used on multiple items at once, or even on "all".

Using the command

There are several available syntaxes:

condition <item(s)> damaged sorting {up|down} 
condition <item(s)> sorting {up|down} 
condition <item(s)> damaged 
condition <item(s)>

The "damaged" argument will cause it to ignore items in excellent condition.

Note that you can use "damaged" as an adjective for other commands; i.e., "fix damaged weapon" or "locate damaged things". Using the adjective damaged will find items that condition damaged will not find, those items that have excellent condition but are not at 100 % of their total condition.

Adding "sorting up" will cause it to list the items from most damaged to least damaged, while adding "sorting down" will cause it to list them from least damaged to most damaged.

Condition stages

 % of
Item is <condition>
91 - 100 in excellent condition.
81 - 90 in very good condition.
71 - 80 in good condition.
61 - 70 in decent condition.
51 - 60 in fairly good condition.
41 - 50 in fairly poor condition.
31 - 40 in poor condition.
21 - 30 in really poor condition.
11 - 20 in very poor condition.
1 - 10 in atrocious condition.
< 1 a complete wreck.

Some items have no condition.

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