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An item available from the T-shop, for Ankh-Morpork 12 dollars (or the cultural equivalent, pending the shop location) that permit a line change in the description. Only one person may use a compact at a time which must remain in the inventory of the one using it, for example in a container. It weighs 2/9 lbs.

The compact looks like:

This is a small, battered compact.  It has the usual small mirror inside, but instead of a powder tray, it has a dial beneath it with a number of settings.

Without a compact, people will see the line as one of:

He is a strapping young human lad.
She is a strapping young human lass.

You can use colours for those who have 'options output usercolour=on'. For example:

set compact to She is full of colours such as %^BOLD%^%^GREEN%^bold green%^RESET%^, %^RED%^red%^RESET%^, %^BLUE%^blue%^RESET%^ with a %^B_BLUE%^blue background%^RESET%^.

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