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Common is an old, dead language. It is no longer spoken, although there may be old items that have things written or engraved on them in Common.

Removal of Common

It used to be that all players could read and write in Common however this was removed as it was felt that the presence of other languages was only really a novelty. By removing common it has made language learning more important to game-play and to roleplaying.


Ada Woonsocket is a translator that lives on Upper Broadway in southeastern Ankh-Morpork.

She can translate messages but only from old dead languages to Morporkian.

Ada Woonsocket is a specialist in translating the old dead languages to more modern lingo.  She
doesn't charge much for it either.  Of course, since she gets free sandwiches from her husband's delicatessen,
she's probably all right with what little money she makes.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
Wearing : a green linen gown.
Her purse is tinkling with coins.

You need a few pennies to pay for the translation of the messages on the object.

>translate bevor

Ada Woonsocket says: Lessee now...

Ada Woonsocket looks at your steel bevor.
Ada Woonsocket reads the steel bevor.
Ada Woonsocket blushes.
Ada Woonsocket exclaims: Okay... I can translate that, but I'll need a cold shower afterwards!
Ada Woonsocket looks thoughtful.
Ada Woonsocket turns to the workbench and selects a strange tool that looks like a vegetable that looks like something else in a humorous way.
Ada Woonsocket reads the steel bevor again, more carefully.
Ada Woonsocket twiddles the humorously shaped tool between her fingers before putting it back down on the workbench.
Ada Woonsocket says: Here goes...
Ada Woonsocket looks concentrated.
Ada Woonsocket worries. 
Ada Woonsocket zaps the steel bevor with her finger.
Ada Woonsocket says: Hmmm... One message changed, that's 2p.
You pay Ada the 2p.