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Learned Commands


Command Guild Skill(s) Level Notes
Abscond Th&As 50
Ambush All, 60
Assess As ? ?
Backstab Th&As, 60
Case Th 20
Conceal All co.hi.ob 60
Crack ~ ~ ~ Out of game
Disable All & 60
Filch Th 150
Hide All 10
Inhume As - - Specialization dependent
Palm All 3
Peek All 10
Pick All 60
Plant All 3
Probe All, 20, 60
Rifle Th 30
Scope Th 20
Shoplift All 15
Slip All 3
Snatch All 5
Sneak All 10
Steal All 20
Unconceal All 60
Unhide All 20


Command Guild Skill(s) Level Notes
Bandage All 25
Fix All 10
Leatherwork All 10
Repair All 10
Track Warrior 25


Command Guild Skill(s) Level Notes
Bestow Priest guild level 75
Consecrate Priest faith.rituals.special guild level 50
Meditate upon obsecration All except witches and wizards faith.items.scroll automatic Available to priests and followers
Meditate (on ritual/object) Priest faith.rituals.special automatic
Pray All except witches and wizards faith.rituals.special automatic Available to priests and followers
Scour Priest guild level 75
Ritual Burial Priest faith.rituals.special guild level 25


Command Guild Skill(s) Level Notes
Bash All fi.sp.we 15?
Beat All fi.sp.we 15 or 20
Behead Warrior fi.sp.we
Berserk Warrior fi.sp.ta
Bob All
Chop All fi.sp.we 15 or 20
Crush Warrior fi.sp.we
Feint All fi.sp or fi.sp.ta 10
Hack All fi.sp.we 15 or 20
Iai All
Impale Warrior fi.sp.we
Kick All fi.sp.un 15
Pierce All fi.sp.we 15 or 20
Punch All fi.sp.un 15
Riposte All fi.sp.we or fi.sp.ta 15 or 20
Shove All fi.sp.ta 15?
Slash All fi.sp.we 15 or 20
Slice All fi.sp.we 15 or 20
Smash All fi.sp.we 15 or 20
Stab All fi.sp.we 15 or 20
Trip All fi.sp.ta 15?
Warcry Warrior fi.sp.ta


Command Guild Skill(s) Level Notes
Judge All ad.ev.we 5
Value All 40
Vurdere All 5

Innate Commands

These commands are not learned, and are available to every character eligible, except for commands restricted to, e.g., newbiehelpers and playtesters.

accept eat make score
access email map search
achievements emote math sermons
advance equip mccp sheathe
age examine meditate shields
alias facing money shout
allocate finger monitor show
apply flip more signature
appraise follow mudlist sit
arguments friends mxp speak
birthdays frimble news spells
brief gather nickname splash
bright get offer stand
bug give options start
bug_replies glance palette stop
bug_reporting godmother password su
bugcheck gp perform surrender
bugs haunt permit syntax
bury health play tactics
calendar help poll take
cap helpers position talker
cast history protect taste
chfn hnewbie pursue teach
collect hnewbiehelpers put tell
colours hold qalias temperature
cols hskills queue term
commands htell quit throw
comment idea quote time
components identify qwho title
concentrate idle rate turn
condition ignore read typo
consider import rearrange unfollow
converse inform recover unhold
convert inventory refer unidentify
cost keep refresh unkeep
count kill register unprotect
countries killers reject unquest
coverage kneel relationship uptime
crawl languages remote users
crouch learn remove verbose
debate liaisons repeat watch
defend lie resize wear
delete locate restart weigh
deliver lockout review wet
describe look rituals when
drag lose rot13 whisper
draw lsay rotx who
drink lsayto rows whoami
dry mail save whois
ealias mailer say wimpy
earmuffs mailinfo sayto withdraw

Command Experience

Any command that consumes Guild Points will grant experience points when executed.