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Command Guild Skill(s) Level Notes
Abscond Th&As 50
Ambush All, 60
Backstab Th&As, 60
Case Th 20
Conceal All co.hi.ob 60
Crack ~ ~ ~ Out of game
Filch Th 150
Hide All 10
Palm All 3
Peek All 10
Pick All 60
Plant All 3
Probe Th&As, 20, 60
Rifle Th 30
Scope Th 20
Shoplift All 15
Slip All 3
Snatch All 5
Sneak All 10
Steal All 20
Unconceal All 60
Unhide All 20
Value All* 40


Command Guild Skill(s) Level Notes
Bash All fi.sp.we
Beat All
Behead Warrior fi.sp.we
Berserk Warrior fi.sp.ta
Bob All
Chop All fi.sp.we
Crush Warrior fi.sp.we
Feint All
Hack All fi.sp.we
Iai All
Impale Warrior fi.sp.we
Kick All fi.sp.un
Pierce All fi.sp.we
Punch All fi.sp.un
Riposte All
Shove All
Slash All
Slice All fi.sp.we
Smash All fi.sp.we
Stab All fi.sp.we
Trip All
Warcry Warrior fi.sp.ta