Comfortable wanderer's robe

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A comfortable <colour> wanderer's robe.


Short, jauntily cut, and sewn from sturdy light blue canvas, this robe will resist brambles, thorns, and tree branches whilst still providing plenty of pockets for all the flowers, shells, small woodland creatures, and interesting stones that wizards tend to find on their travels.  There's a matching patch about halfway up.
The comfortable <colour> wanderer's robe has one top pocket, one poacher's pocket, one inside pocket and two side pockets.
It is in <condition> condition.


The comfortable <colour> wanderer's robe is about six feet long and about a foot wide.  It is <colour> and is made of linen and looks like you could wear it.  It can hold about 3 pounds, or about twenty items.  It is in <condition> condition.


You heft the comfortable light blue wanderer's robe and guess that it weighs about a pound.

On the post office balance:

The comfortable <colour> wanderer's robe weighs 4/9 lb.


Hedge wizard