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Money on the Disc comes in the form of coins. An individual coin can, for the most part, be treated like any other item and be put into containers, dropped, etc.


Essentially, one coin weighs 1/90 lb, but since coins are collectively a continuous item, their combined weight must be multiples of 1/9 lb, the way it works is that any number of coins between one and ten weighs 1/9 lb, any number between eleven and twenty weighs 2/9 lb, and so on.


Money in your inventory does not count against the 10 items limit for fumbling or the 50 items limit.

If however you have 50 items in your inventory, making you unable to take any more items, then you can't take any money either.

Types of coins

Types and values of coins are listed under currency. You can withdraw specific types of coins from banks[1] and you can also change between different denominations, or between different regions, at a money changer.

Flipping coins

You can "flip" a coin. To do this, you need to specify the type of coin you want to flip.

The normal result is that it lands on the floor, either tails up or heads up.

>flip shilling
You flip one Lancre shilling.
One Lancre shilling falls on the floor, tails up.

However, in areas wth high background magic, the results are different (and usually result in the loss of the coin):

Something really, really strange happens.
One Ankh-Morpork penny sparkles and turns into a small yellow caterpillar.

The small yellow caterpillar is the same type that can result from Brother Happalon's Elementary Enchanting.

One Ankh-Morpork penny lands on its edge.
How curious.
One Ankh-Morpork penny spins slowly in mid-air, then vanishes with a small "pop!"
With a small gout of flame, one Djelian ptascp begins to accelerate.
One Djelian ptascp vanishes into the distance.
You flip one Djelian ptascp.
Balefire blossoms, and one Djelian ptascp turns into a bunch of flowers.

The flowers are the same type you get from Eringyas' Surprising Bouquet.

One Genuan cent vanishes with a sharp "spang!"
A moment later, you hear a small thunderclap.

Coins and containers

Historically, there have been problems with coins in containers and vaults vanishing unexpectedly, leading it to being made impossible to put coins in them for a few years. It was made possible again sometime in March 2009[2].

Coin descriptions

The carried currency is made of real coins that usually have something on both sides.



The Ankh-Morpork penny shows the Patrician's head on the reverse, and a ceremonial Ankh on the obverse.


The Ankh-Morpork ten-pence shows the Patrician's head on the reverse, and a dignified morpork on the obverse.


The Ankh-Morpork half-dollar shows the Patrician's head on the reverse, and Morporkia with her fork on the obverse.


The Ankh-Morpork dollar shows the Patrician's head on the reverse, and a royal Ankhian hippo on the obverse.


The Ankh-Morpork ten-dollar shows the Patrician's head on the reverse, and the Ankh-Morpork coat of arms on the obverse.


The Ankh-Morpork royal shows the Patrician's head on the reverse, and the Temple of Small Gods on the obverse.


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