Coffee Nostra families

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Genuan Families - The Coffee Nostra

There are three Coffee Nostra families.

  • Corolla
  • Gumboni
  • Couer Lion

Each family will like you or dislike you to a different extent

The following things are believed to effect you reputation with a family:

  • killing the consigliere of any family makes all the families dislike you
  • killing the names NPC's (except the consigliere) of a family makes that family dislike you, but makes the other two families like you more. This is particurly true of the boss.
  • killing a families, thus NPCs, thier shopkeepers, or shoplifting from thier shops, makes them like dislike you, and the other families like you, but to a lesser extent
  • winning matches in the Fight Club in the sewers makes the Corolla family like you more.

The consequences of a families disliking you enough may be:

  • The family NPCs attack you on sight
  • Coffee Nostra hitmen are sent after you.

The effects are limited to Genua.

Family Headquarters

Each family has headquarters located somewhere in the city. Here, you can join a family, requests mission, ask for loans and gain promotions within a family.

The locations are as follows:

  • Corolla, in the Stables
  • Gumboni, in the Casino
  • Couer Lion, in the Pizzeria

To join a family you must be liked by that family.