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The Coffee Nostra is a criminal organization in Genua that flourished under the coffee prohibition by providing coffee to those who wanted it at very profitable prices. The prohibition has been lifted, but the power and rivalries of Coffee Nostra factions remained.

Genuan Families - The Coffee Nostra

There are three Coffee Nostra families currently operating in Genua:

  • Corolla
  • Coeur Lion
  • Gumboni

Each family can have respect or disrespect for you based on past interactions. To join a family you must have a high enough respect.

The following things are believed to affect your reputation with a family:

  • Killing the consigliere of any family causes an extreme amount of disrespect for all the families.
  • Killing the named NPCs (except the consigliere) of a family causes a lot of disrespect for that family, but wins respect for the other two families. This is particularly true for killing the godfather.
  • Killing a family's henchmen, killing the shopkeepers or shoplifting from shops under their protection causes disrespect for that family but wins the respect of the other families, but to a lesser extent.
  • Winning matches in the Kick Consortium wins some respect from the Corolla family and causes disrespect from the other families.
  • When a hitman breaks your legs or kills you the family that sent it is somewhat appeased and loses some of the disrespect it has for you. However, if you showed them too much disrespect they might send another hitman soon after.

The consequences of a family disrespecting you too much include in order of escalation:

  • The family npcs that are not in hiding call you a "dirty rat" when you enter the room.
  • After the visible family npcs call you a "dirty rat", they all attempt to backstab you.
  • Coffee Nostra hitmen are employed by families to show their displeasure. Once a family has decided that you've shown them too much disrespect they search for you and once they know where you are the hitman arrives to either beat you up or kill you if they cannot suffer to see you live any longer. If the hitman succeeds it somewhat mollifies the family but with too much disrespect they can send another hitmen very soon afterward, for example when you come back to your corpse after regaining corporeality.

As with regular crime, disrespect reduces with time.

The effects are limited to Genua.

Family Jobs

Warning: The jobs page in the above link contains spoilers about the jobs below what is included here.

Jobs or "special favours" are assigned upon request by the Cup 'o' Regime of the family.

You can do them once you've joined a Coffee Nostra family.


They have to be completed within an assigned amount of time (of roundworld hours) and you need to wait 6 roundworld hours after starting one job to be able to do another.


Unlike missions from Agatean families which are tailored to your abilities, these jobs may be rather impossible to do in the allotted time, especially since the Cup 'o' Regimes often get killed for exp as soon as they regen. The jobs can also require obtaining things that might be difficult to procure, like items made by players or sold in limited quantities.


You don't get an update right away when the job is finished if you don't have to give something to the Cup O' Regime to finish it, but if asked about "review" your Cup 'o' Regime will tell you "You're not supposed to be doing anything right now."

Some time after the mission is completed successfully you get some feedback:

You feel that the experience of working with the Coffee Nostra has made you a somewhat better person.

Promotions and achievements

Promotions are obtained by asking the consigliere, who knows when the Godfather has approved it.

The consigliere suggests that to get a promotion you need three things:

  • Enough reputation (possibly a high enough respect from the family)
  • Handling yourself well enough with your missions (possibly doing enough normal missions or a high enough success ratio)
  • And doing enough 'special' favours for the family (doing enough special missions).

There's also achievements for completing some amounts of missions.

Missions completed Rank awarded Achievement
1 buttonman
5 goodfella Achievement: Bugsy's Beginning
8 cup 'o' decine
11 cup 'o' regime
50 Achievement: Rising Racketeer
500 Achievement: Grizzled Old Mobster
2000 Achievement: One Person Crimewave

Higher ranks should give you access to a greater range of missions.

After reaching the rank of cup 'o' regime the consigliere says:

I regret to inform you that corporate congestion makes further advancement impossible at this time.

Family Information


A family's headquarters is their base of operation in Genua. It is the place where you can join a family, request to do jobs (special favors, missions), ask for loans and gain promotions within a family.


Families also run various facilities to increase their wealth and power.


The godfather, also referred to as the Don, is the head and ultimate boss of the family. They stay behind a guarded locked door because each family wants godfathers from other families dead above all other persons.

Cup 'o' Regime

The Cup 'o' Regime is the second-in-command and handles the day to day operations of the family.
He's the one to see to join the family.
He also gives out jobs to get a little extra cash, a little extra life experience, and a little extra reputation in the family.


The consigliere is a lawyer who is a trusted adviser close to the family, reputedly devoid of ambition and providing disinterested advice. He is neutral, not officially being a member of the criminal organization and can therefore conduct business more easily between families and with civilians.
The consigliere is the person to see if you want to get a promotion. He is in communication with the godfather and will know if you're ready to climb the ladder of the organisation. Upon request he will bestow a new rank to you if you meet all the criterias.
The consiglieres should not be killed if you care about your repuration with the Coffee Nostra, because killing them makes all families disrespect you a lot. Unfortunately, they join in fights by backstabbing when their henchpeople get attacked and some block access to the godfather's room, so they are often killed.
Violence on any consigliere is an attack on their legal front and therefore angers all families, since it is seen as an attack against all Coffee Nostra.
You can also request "favours" of some kind from their employer by asking the consigliere. This probably goes like "say favour <something> please". It is unclear what the favours are.


In charge of the finances of the family.
You can collect what they owe you for services rendered and ask them for loans.
You can ask for a loan even if you're not in any family, though not if you are in another family. You have to pay back 50% more than what you borrow and how much you can borrow depends on your standing in the family.
Samuel Casso whispers to you with a Genuan accent: Ah, here to collect the 1,9,0,0Gd we owe you?

You say: collect
Samuel Casso says with a Genuan accent: Sure thing... let me just get what we owe you.

You say: loan
Samuel Casso asks with a Genuan accent: Yeah, we can help you out.  You can borrow money from me.  I can't be having with all these weekly interest payments tho', so we'll just add a nice round 50% to the amount you borrow.  Call it fifty points on the zig, yeah?

Samuel Casso says with a Genuan accent: Since you are an unknown quantity as far as this family goes, I'm willing to extend you credit up to 2,0,0Gf.  And not a cent more.

Samuel Casso says with a Genuan accent: With your current rank in the family, I'm willing to extend you credit up to 1,0,0,0Gd.  And not a cent more.

Protection and symbol

In some shops you can see symbols on a separate line below the shop description and above the list of obvious exits. It looks like:
A strange symbol has been etched over the entrance.

Only a few shops in Genua have Coffee Nostra protection. They are noted in the table below.

l symbol
This is a symbol that marks this location as being under the protection of a Coffee Nostra family.  This particular symbol takes the form of a square with a stylised bolt of lightning in the middle.

The symbol indicates which family claims this shop under its protection.

Info \ Family Corrola Coeur Lion Gumboni
Origin Llamedese, originally bodyguards for the other families Smugglers from Brindisi
Sphere of influence Extortion, hits, protection, horses and carriages, drugs Political connections, political protection and political influence Gambling and chance games, money recovery from too lucky patrons
Priorities Muscles > recruitment Politics > spy network > muscles Spy network > muscles > political contacts
Headquarters Honest Joe's Used Horses Little Brindisi Pizzeria and Cafe Diamond City Casino
Operations Kick Consortium Genua Racetrack
Godfather  Joe Corrola Joe Corrola is the head of the Corrola family, and so has a great deal of influence over Genua. What's strange is how he is incredibly rat-like, his nose is large and elongated, with a great deal of whisker-like nasel hair, and his large front teeth. His face is covered in a number of boils and pustules, and he looks as if he lives in a sewer.   Leo Coeur-Lion Leo Coeur-Lion is the infamous head of the Coeur Lion family. He is, however, less than normal himself. His hair is so long that it could almost be a mane while his canines are long and protrude slightly. His clothes, while obviously well tailored, seem not to suit him almost as if he hasn't grown up used to wearing clothes. His eyes are large and catlike and his face is wrinkled and almost kindly.   Marlon Gumboni Marlon runs the Gumboni family business from his suite of offices, here above the casino. He is, however, not as most people picture him. This could be due to the fact Genua is a little short of people of his stature... He is in fact a gnome, which probably explains why he tends to stay within his private rooms within the casino. His clothes were obviously designed for someone much larger than him as they drag on the floor, as was his voice, which, unlike most people would assume, is in fact quite husky rather than squeaky. 
Cup 'o' Regime (jobs)  Louis Accardo Louis Accardo is the warehouse manager of Honest Joe's. He was once a prize-winning boxer who could knock out any opponent that was unfortunate enough to be put into the ring with him. Now he is charged with the task of dragging carriages into the warehouse and dealing with troublesome horses, a job in which the strength he accumulated throughout his previous career comes in useful.   Paulie Clemence Paul Clemence is an enormous man with the girth and general bearing of a beach ball. Behind an enormous, bushy beard and moustache lie lips like two slabs of beef, constantly smacking as he talks. His eyes twinkle with a kind of good natured humour, but the bags underneath indicate that he's done enough in his life to worry.   Geraldo Ciaco Geraldo Ciaco is a large, pasty faced man. His black hair has been smoothed down until it looks like it was painted on while his face holds a mirthless smile and his eyes gleam. If you do not have a good reason for being here he could probably make your stay exceedingly uncomfortable with a single nod. 
(death angers all)
 Enrico Persuica Enrico Persuica was once a big part of Genua's high society. He lived a rich life with the money supplied by Mr Corrola until his family was the victim of a vicious hit by a disgruntled member of the Corrola organisation. Now he is a confirmed alcoholic who tends to look at the world through a layer of alcohol-based protection.   John DeBois John DeBois is Consigliere for the Coeur Lion family. As Consigliere, he is a trusted and respected advisor, a man of discretion and intelligence. A man who could probably convince his employer to do you an occasional favour if you ask nicely.   Charles Marchella Charles Marchella is the consigliere of the Gumboni family. He has faded blond hair and a worn, spartan face with a couple of old scars. He looks very serious and is probably not someone to joke with unless you wish to end up at the bottom of the Vieux. 
Accountant (claim/loan money)  Samuel Casso Samuel Casso, or Sam to his friends, is the accountant for Honest Joe's Used Horse Emporium. He looks like the kind of man who sorts his paperclips in order of size, a look that is added to by his hair, which looks like it was painted on. His face is inhabited by a fine network of worry lines and a pair of glasses of the type that are normally worn by people who wish to be able to peer critically over the top of them at their social lowers. Of course, this doesn't mean he couldn't be helpful in some way.   Stevie Cicone Stevie Cicone is a thin, nervous man with a strange twitch over his entire body. His balding pate is ineffectively covered with a couple of greying strands of hair while his skin is almost grey in colour. As you look at him he twitches again, obviously worried by your presence.   Frankie Harvard Frankie Harvard is a thin, tall man. He looks the kind of man who is involved in less than legitimate business but still prides himself on his morals. From his neat hairstyle to his small reading glasses he is the epitome of accountancy personified. 
Other staff  Alice Cloye Alice is the tall, blonde receptionist at Honest Joes' Used Horse Emporium. It seems odd that a place like this, which relies so greatly on the sales staff to pounce on browsing people, employs a receptionist, but it could well be that she is employed for show. If this is the case then the owner chose well as Alice, while not being the brightest of people, is exceedingly beautiful and has some great assets to add to the business. ,

 Sleep-With-Me-Own-Fishes DiBlarr Sleep DiBlarr is the salesman responsible for pressing used horses onto people who don't really need them and selling carriages to people who can't afford the upkeep. The problem he currently faces is that he is so good at selling the horses that he has in fact sold enough of them that every piece of stock has been sold for the next five years. ,

 Dielar Dielar is the scarred, battered, and bruised organiser of Kick Consortium. As an important member of the Corrola family, he uses Kick Consortium as a mean of generating cash as well as a potential recruitment ground for his family. It is Dielar who will say whether or not someone may fight, and it is Dielar who passes news of especially good prospects back to his Corrola superiors. 

 Matthias Leone Matthias is the owner of the Little Brindisi Pizzeria. He is a very old and wrinkled man, dating back to the days when Baron Saturday ruled. He first started the pizzeria when prohibition was enforced as a handy front for his coffee trading business, and to this day is wary of the law.   Ebony Tuchoille Ebony is a dark flower of the Diamond City Casino. She has long, flowing, black hair that shimmers like a ravens wing, eyes like pools into infinity and a smile that is like a kiss of death. A dark flower is a perfectly sufficient description, but to be truly accurate she should be called a black orchid - a rare bloom that is incredibly difficult to obtain. ,

 Jake Debloone Jake is one of the Ecksian bartenders common to every city on the Disc. Like most people from XXXX he is a bulky chap, with tanned almost red skin. He has short cropped blonde hair and blue eyes, making his face appear a contrasting mix of primary colours. ,

 cigarette girl This young lady is employed by Diamond City Casino to sell their patrons cigarettes and cigars. Her short black hair curves forward under her ears slightly, and she works with a bright smile. Possibly she does this is because it is in her contract rather than by choice. Around her neck is a tray on which the tobacco products she is selling are displayed. ,

 cashier The cashier for Diamond City Casino is a petite woman, with midlength strawberry-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She works with a smile so broad that it looks as if it has been pinned back, and the kind of enthusiasm that is normally associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. ,

 buffet girl The buffet girl is a sweet, young woman. She has large, brown eyes and blonde hair which falls to her shoulders in ringlets. She looks quite skinny, and going by the starved look in her eyes is having trouble remaining so in this environment. ,

 security guard Impeccably styled, with a smart hair cut and stony expression this man is one of the security staff for the Diamond City Casino. His job description is slightly vague, he is partly here to reassure and partly to threaten. Either way, he would protect both patrons and staff in the event of a fight. ,

 Albert Dimagio Albert Dimagio is a large, rotund man with a pasty face. He breathes heavily as he moves. A permanent scowl adorns his face, as if he were perpetually cranky with the world around him. His hair is slightly balding and tied back into a ponytail. His eyes have huge bags underneath, as if he hadn't seen a decent night's sleep in a year. 

Henchman  grubby scarred thug This appears to be the perfect example of the common or street brawler. Normally found in pubs or bars picking drunken fights he tends to leer at passing women and shout insults at just about anyone. It would be advisable not to make yourself visible to him, unless you really do fancy a nice, cool, unmarked grave.   pleasant looking gentleman This tall, obviously well bred man is the epitome of Brindisi society. At least... that is how it first appears as through the cut of his well made suit the shapes of various concealed weapons make themselves clear. [One of his teeth is missing, making his smile less appealing. / One of his eyelids appears to have been cut once. / One of his eyes carries a faint black ring around it.] This dispels the image of a perfect gentleman and in fact shifts the image of a thug into its place.   heavily muscled man This young man is heavily scarred. He looks much like the kind of muscle hired by the Gumboni family in order to protect their less than legitimate interests. He is probably not the kind of person you should mess with, or show aggression of any kind to, lest you end up as tomorrow's special in the buffet. 
Henchwoman  rowdy woman This rather rowdy woman is probably in regular trouble with the watch through getting into fights and attacking people who irritate her. What little makeup she wears is smudged and while she could be considered pretty if the lights were dim, she wouldn't win any beauty contests.   genteel lady This genteel looking lady is exactly the type to be found at the top Genuan society parties. With her fancy dress and dazzling style it is quite strange to find her in a place such as this. One strange thing hangs about her like a cheap perfume, however, and that is the unsightly dagger shaped bulges that appear in places on her dress. Perhaps taking her as being a perfect lady was a bit too hasty.   beautiful athletic woman This young woman is the kind that works out every day, honing every muscle to perfection. She looks extremely fit and strong, and probably could beat you hands down. She looks much like the kind of muscle hired by the Gumboni family in order to protect their interests. She is probably not the kind of person you should mess with, or show aggression of any kind to, lest you end up as tomorrow's special in the buffet. 
Spies Some of the gentleman? Some of the gentleman?

 shady character This shady character doesn't stand, he slouches. Were it not for his somewhat tattered and ragged appearance, he could be mistaken for an Assassin. As it stands, his arrogance and confidence seems to stem from something else. He watches those who pass carefully, examining each face for whatever features interest him on a personal or professional level. 

Some of the  gentleman This is a <adjective> <age> gentleman with an <skin colour> complexion. He walks with an easy grace, seemingly without a care in the world. His eyes are sharp and alert however, sparkling with a subtle intelligence. He looks as if he's well acquainted with the streets of Genua. 

(at least the one in front of Albert Dimagio's office at the racetrack)

Symbol a flaming sword

a fist with engorged knuckles

a 'K' encircled by a larger 'C'

a stylised lion

a dagger with three dots above it

a sweeping cloak

a pot with stylised flashes of lightning striking it

a star with three dots at each point

a square with a stylised bolt of lightning in the middle

Shops under protection Shops on Market Street:
(outermost northeast street)

Llamedese crafts store, Stonemasons (Llamedese art)

Shops on Diamond Crescent:
(innermost southeast street)

elegant accessories store, elegant jewellery store, elegant veil store, elegant dress store, genteel suit store

Shops on Genua Avenue:
(centermost west street)

Aunie's General Store, shoe maker's shop, bakery, candy store, toy shop

Info / Family Corrola Coeur Lion Gumboni

Coffee Nostra hitman

The families express their deepest displeasure by sending Coffee Nostra hitmen to kill you.

Once a family decides it has enough disrespect for you it dispatches a Coffee Nostra hitman who will start searching for you.

This sometimes happen even if the family henchpeople don't attack and don't call you names.

When the Coffee Nostra Hitman locates you he steps out of the shadows and starts combat by backstabbing and pursuing:
A Coffee Nostra hitman steps out of the shadows.

The Coffee Nostra hitman attacks you from behind.  You recall him standing right in front of you just a second ago.
You feel somewhat confused.
Catching you off-balance, the Coffee Nostra hitman thrusts at you with his long sword but your floating wok swoops in and absorbs all of the blow.
The Coffee Nostra hitman pursues you.
The Coffee Nostra hitman says with a Genuan accent: Now it's time to teach you a lesson you won't live to forget, friend.

The hitman also tries to abscond during the fight, probably to backstab some more. When close to death they try to flee the room and run away for a while like the henchpeople do.

If you manage to lose the hitman (easily done with a 183 bonus is adventuring.movement.following.evade) and leave the room, the hitman stays there while "searching" for you again and when he finds you he instantly teleports to your location by stepping out of the shadows, backstabbing and pursuing anew. Until then you can return to fight him at your leisure.

It is equipped like this:

A Coffee Nostra hitman

This is one of the Coffee Nostra hitmen.  Hitmen are a rare and important part in the complex Coffee Nostra machinery.  Very few ever attain the skills to make it to this grade; even fewer survive long enough for their name to be known.  Suffice it to say, Coffee Nostra hitmen are the troubleshooters - they get called in when everything goes to hell.  If there's a hitman cleaning up a nasty mess, then it's going to be cleaned with extreme prejudice.
He is slightly hurt.
He is standing.
Holding : a long sword (left hand) and a no. 7 throwing knife (right hand).
Wearing : a pair of black leather shoes, a pair of grey pinstripe suit trousers, a mail hauberk, a dagger scabbard, a knife belt, a short sword scabbard and a silver locket.
(under) : a grey pinstripe suit jacket and a pair of black silk socks.

The short sword scabbard contains: a short sword.
The dagger scabbard contains: a stiletto.
The knife belt contains: a no. 10 throwing knife, a no. 9 throwing knife, a no. 8 throwing knife, a no. 6 throwing knife and a no. 5 throwing knife.

Kick Consortium

The Kick Consortium is an operation organized by Dielar on behalf of the Corrola family.

It is located in the sewers roughly under the genteel suit store on the north end of Diamond Crescent. There are two manholes nearby, one a bit southwest of the store, the other on the docks. Be wary of the alligators in the sewers, they attack on sight, if you leave the room they move to follow and can be very dangerous to fight.

Warning: Fighting in the Kick Consortium will make the Coeur Lion and Gumboni families get a lot of disrespect for you for each fight you take part in. At some point, after about 500 fights, they will send a Coffee Nostra hitman to murder you with extreme prejudice.

To request a fight, you need to say so to Dielar and pay him 10 livres. Then wait a random amount of time until he announces it is your turn. If you don't enter the ring fast enough you'll forfeit the fight and the entry fee. If you win, Dielar will give you 20 livres, a net profit of 10 livres.

It seems you can fight using any weapons, armours or arcane shields without issues. However, any following npcs (and hitmen) will be hauled out of the ring as combat begins.

Your opponent is an npc fighting unarmed without armour whose difficulty is random but that seem to get somewhat stronger as you win more matches. This might reset to easier npcs if you go away and come back later.

If you are losing the fight, you can yield. The rules suggest you can also say stop, but saying or shouting stop doesn't seem to work. Research shows that if your hp goes below 20% of your max hp, the fight is stopped. However this could already be too late if it brought you from above 20% to 0 hp in one hit. Game lag could also possibly introduce a delay in the check potentially resulting in death.

Once you are in the ring you should not leave it for any reason. Leaving the ring before the fight ends makes Dielar stay stuck waiting for you to get in while preventing you from entering the ring again. Going far away until the room regens seems to be the only way to fix this.

The beginning of a fight:

From off the ring, a voice says: The first rule of Kick Consortium is, you do not talk about Kick Consortium.
From off the ring, a voice says: The second rule of Kick Consortium is, you do not talk about Kick Consortium.
From off the ring, a voice says: The third rule of Kick Consortium, if someone yells stop, goes limp or yields, the fight is over.
From off the ring, a voice says: The fourth rule is, only two guys to a fight.
From off the ring, a voice says: The fifth rule, only one fight at a time, fellas.
From off the ring, a voice says: The sixth rule, no shirts, no shoes.
From off the ring, a voice says: The seventh rule, fights will go on as long as they have to.
From off the ring, a voice says: And the eighth and final rule, if this is your first night at Kick Consortium, you have to fight.
A burly fighter appears from the side of the ring.
A bell rings, indicating the fight is to begin.
The burly fighter moves aggressively towards you!
From off the ring, a voice says: Two people to a fight, fellas.
Ablyss the giant fruitbat gets hauled off the ring by a big burly guy.

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