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Taxi was founded by Mordred in Ankh-Morpork.

It is a service club.

Members are able to provide transportation to and from a variety of locations across the disc for a small fee.


Standard Fare

A$5.00 (or equivalent in other currency)
Per Person & Per Destination
Tips gratefully accepted.

Currency Conversion

You can use the 'rate' command to convert currencies.
'rate 5 dollars in am to ephebe'

Newbie Fare

When requesting a Taxi, let your Taxi provider know that you are under 18 hours old.

Tips, Change, Exact Fares, Danger Money

When you hand money to your Taxi it is assumed to be your fare plus tip.

You may ask for change but your Taxi may or may not be able to give change. If you wish to only pay the extremely low minimum it is your responsibility to provide the exact fare.

If your Taxi is willing to transport you to dangerous or difficult to get to places, consider tipping accordingly for that service.

Extended or Custom Tours

All Taxis are happy to provide a round trip service for the two way fee of course.

However, some trips may be more onerous than just a quick, set aside what they are doing, hop skip and jump then return to their own tasks.

Each Taxi has her/his own policy regarding multi-stop tours and frequent consecutive requests for jobs/missions or quests.

Some Taxis are delighted to go with you on multi-stop trips and even help out with missions.

If you know you want that sort of service, let your Taxi know right away when you request your travel. They may be happy to help or they may forward your request to the Taxi channel for another Taxi member to assist you.

Prices for these more complex or time and attention consuming trips will vary depending on your Taxi. Ask!

How to Hail a Taxi

Type 'who taxi' to see who is marked as 'On Duty'.
Send a Taxi a tell with your current location and then where you want to go.
Please remember to state your pick up location first as this helps to avoid confusion.
Many Taxis may be 'idle' but 'On Duty' waiting for your call.
If the Taxi you hail seems unresponsive, after giving them some time to reply, you can send a tell to another Taxi. Let the previous Taxi know you have hailed another.

Portal vs Passage

Please pay at the beginning of your trip. Portal Taxi's might not be going through with you.
If your Taxi uses Passage, you and any members of your party need to be alert and accept the follow request.
WARNING: Entering a portal before your Taxi has given the all clear is risky and sometimes downright dangerous!

Standard Locations

All Taxi's have the following locations
AM - Drum (intersectin of Filligree and Short)
CWC - Tuna Walk (south of the T-Ferry)
DJB - Market Crossroads (junction of Pharaohs, Market and Phoenix)
EPH - Glaxos Doctor in the Harbor Market
SUR - Sto Lat Market (carriage stop)
RAM - Lancre Square (carriage stop)
RAM - Ohulan-Cutash (center of the market square)
GEN - Genua Bank

Non-Standard Locations

Most Taxis have many more locations.
Feel free to ask for specific locations. Your Taxi will offer up their closest or may be willing to run you to your less standard destination. If you need a specific location and your Taxi does not have it, they can also refer your trip to the Taxi channel for someone else that can assist you.
We currently do not have set fares for non-standard locations.
Most Taxis will happily transport you to any safe location they have just to break up the monotony of 'Drum, Tuna, Market, Drum, Tuna, Market' for the standard fare.
Consider tipping well for unusual, out of the way, or risky places.

Joining and Recruiting

How to Join Taxi

You should be able to reliably portal/passage at least two in five tries.

'refer taxi'
Recruiters are marked with 'r'
Send a tell to a recruiter asking to join.
Your recruiter will walk you through the application process with a series of questions. The process typically takes half an hour but can be longer. Allow yourself time.


The recruiting script which follows is how a recruitment session should generally be conducted.
It is merely a suggestion not a binding script, but this does streamline the process with great efficiency.
Before you do anything else
  • Ask them if they have read this page. If they haven't, please ask them to do so.
  • Ask them if they have blorples or remembers to the (7+1) standard locations. (See the list of standard locations above. AM, CWC, DJB, EPH, GEN, Sto-Lat, Lancre, and OC.)
If they lack any, offer to assist in the obtaining of the missing locations.
Start a group called Taxi Recruitment or similar and invite them to join.
This will facilitate communication and enable you to help customers while waiting for answers.
Or you can just use tells, at least until you can meet up with them.
  • Have you ever, with this or any other character, been a taxi member before?
If yes
  1. What was the name of the alt?
  2. What is standard taxi price?
  3. What are the exceptions?
  4. Please transport us to <any of the essential locations>
  5. If recruit is a priest ask how many gp she or he has. 200gp minimum as a general rule, although they can get by with anything over 150 (single passenger). They should aim for 300+.
  6. Recruit them and give them a badge.
  7. Bow to the new recruit and welcome them to the club.
If no
  1. What is the standard taxi price?
  2. What are the newbie rates? and exceptions?
  3. What do you do if you cannot answer a request?
  4. What do you do if you wish to take a request from the club channel?
  5. What should you do if you don't have the location the client asks for?
  6. What should you do upon login?
  7. What do you do if someone doesn't pay?
  8. What should you do if someone shouts for a taxi?
  9. (What is the blacklist for? - We don't currently have one, this can be skipped or raised as a discussion item for how to deal with problems.)
  10. Ask them to transport you to one of the eight essential locations.
  11. If recruit is a priest ask how many gp she or he has. 200gp minimum as a general rule, although they can get by with anything over 150. They should aim for 300+.
  12. Inform the new recruit that if they have any questions they shouldn't hesitate to ask.
  13. Inform them that being in taxi is making a commitment.
  14. Recruit them and give them a badge
  15. Bow to the new recruit and welcome them to the club.

If a recruit doesn't know the answer to any of the above questions or gives insufficient detail, inform them of the correct answer.

It is recommended that all recruiters have a few spare badges on them to hand out to any new member. If you don't have one, it is strongly recommended that you help the new member getting one. Badges are available from the club control rooms of the Patrician's Palace in Ankh-Morpork, Djelibeybi Palace, Escrow Town Hall, the Bes Pelargic Hall of Records, and the Ephebian Tyrant's Palace. They cost around a dollar and you can create more than one at a time.

Start/Stop being a Recruiter

The recruiting process can take up to half an hour, sometimes more.

If you are not a recruiter and wish to be, or have been made a recruiter and do not wish to have that responsibility, contact the President or Vice-President of the club and they can change your status accordingly.

Title Changer Help

A title changer can be purchased from the magic shop in Hillshire for A$75 or many pshops for a bit more.

Here are a couple aliases you can use for setting your title.

alias afkoff get title changer from pack;set title to %^GREEN%^Taxi: ON%^RESET%^;put title changer in pack;afk off;whoami;
alias afkon get title changer from pack;set title to %^BOLD%^%^RED%^Taxi: OFF%^RESET%^;put title changer in pack;afk $arg:Unavailable just now.$;afk on;whoami;

Club House

Members have access to the taxi club house at 6 Scoone Avenue, Ankh-Morpork (Next to Toomer Stationers).

Features include a scroll library, games, and a donations chest.

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