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(Player Requests and Offerings)
(Player Requests and Offerings)
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| Quipsy || rare cravats || deluding || negotiable
| Quipsy || rare cravats || deluding || negotiable
| Anastazja || bright orange robe || n/a || purchase

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Club Description

Shonkers is a club created in Ankh-Morpork by Kimo for item and clothing collectors of all kinds with an emphasis on aesthetics, roleplay, and frivolity. We also do some research sometimes.

Refer Info

Welcome to Shonkers- a club for Shonky Shoppers, item hoarders, clothes horses, custom shop specialists, and collectors of all stripes, spots, and paisleys.
Looking for something rare? Have a delightful misorder from Nicolette that's too nice to fence? No more room in your vault(s)? Send us a tell to join today!
Contact us for:
Obscure clothing trivia, rotating stock shop info, custom npc help, fashion advice, packrat cameraderie, and more.
Don't forget to check the club page on the wiki for updates and projects!

Current Leadership

  • Packrat General: Kimo
  • Vice Packrat: Rauna
  • Coin Counter: Delphini
  • Notes Taker: Haize
  • Secret-ary: Marya
  • Seamster: Mrwolfie


Rauna and MrWolfie have been engaged in gp light research and have collaborated on a series of delightful glowing rings which can be layered into new colours (see: colours of custom items and shimmering glass nugget research). Select combinations will be on sale at the center west player stall in Goldengrove in Ephebe or contact Rauna.

Player Requests and Offerings

This is a spot for players to list items they are in search of as well as any pieces of their own collection they are willing to offer up for trade or sale. Any player may make use of this list to connect directly to potential customers. For inclusion on the list please send Kimo a mudmail.

Player Name Requests On Offer Prices
Vuniel old brass cogwheel earring; undyed furoshiki cloths inkwells, assorted; clothing and jewellery, assorted purchase, trade, or free upon request
Kimo green seaweed-frond dress; lacy white summer frock; close-fitting black leather skirt suit nicolette womenswear purchase, trade, or gifts in the mail
Eudora sombre black cravat n/a purchase
Delphini white clinical robe; bright white lab coat; old brass cogwheel earring (Go to Vuniel first) Assorted clothing, inks, jewellery, sea serpent scale purchase and trade
Quipsy rare cravats deluding negotiable
Anastazja bright orange robe n/a purchase