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Helpful commands: "glance <adjective> things in furniture"  
Helpful commands: "glance <adjective> things in furniture"  
==Shonkers Bench==
We have claimed a bench on Filigree Street (4 east of the Drum) and added some finds from HQ. All items are free and ready to go to a good (or bad) home -- simply take it from the bench!
Selection updated periodically.
==Refer Info==
==Refer Info==

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Club Description

Shonkers is a club created in Ankh-Morpork by Kimo for item and clothing collectors of all kinds with an emphasis on aesthetics, roleplay, and frivolity. We also do some research sometimes.

Shonkers HQ

Shonkers HQ is located at 6b Cheesemongers' Yard in southwest Ankh-Morpork and is full of rare clothes and accessories. Donations and requests are always welcome!

Helpful commands: "glance <adjective> things in furniture"

Refer Info

Welcome to Shonkers- a club for Shonky Shoppers, item hoarders, clothes horses, custom shop specialists, and collectors of all stripes, spots, and paisleys.
Looking for something rare? Have a delightful misorder from Nicolette that's too nice to fence? No more room in your vault(s)? Send us a tell to join today!
Contact us for:
Obscure clothing trivia, rotating stock shop info, custom npc help, fashion advice, packrat cameraderie, and more.
Don't forget to check the club page on the wiki for updates and projects!

Current Leadership

  • Packrat General: Kimo
  • Vice Packrat: Rauna
  • Coin Counter: Delphini
  • Notes Taker: Haize
  • Secret-ary: Marya
  • Seamster: Mrwolfie


  • Haize Von Nacht is willing to provide Shonkers members with free engraving services (fair use policy applies!) - send her a tell if you’re a member.
  • Vuniel is offering free gift-wrapping services for clubmembers. Please plan on a few alternative wrapping options (depending on Vuniel's available supplies) and/or provide the materials and inks for custom marbling.
  • We are hoping to capture new clothing ideas on the page Club/Shonkers/Wishlist so feel free to use it to capture your clothing wish list - the more details the better since it will increase the chances of the item becoming a reality!

Shonkers Eye for the New Guy

As the Shonkers HQ wardrobes are overflowing with amazing finds, we are offering an awesomely aesthetic makeover service. Just apply through mud mail telling us the aesthetic you are hoping for - or leave it us! - and we will match you with one of our members who will take you to Shonkers HQ, offer you a beverage and tour, ask you a few questions and then kit you out. If you are a newbie, we will also throw in some cash and/or a valuable item or two. Makeup tips and good chat a bonus :)

Send a tell or a mud mail to Rauna or Delphini (or both to be on the safe side!). Shonkers Eye for the New Guy is open to any player young or old - role players especially welcome :)

What is in your Wonderful Wardrobe?

Our Shonkers HQ is an ever changing treasure trove - if you are interested, here’s what we are currently rummaging through (no guarantees of how up to date this is... we are a flaky and frivolous crew): Our Shonkers Spreadsheet [1]

  • Huge thanks to Delphini for cataloguing!

Navigating HQ

There's a lot of stuff in a variety of furniture at HQ. It can be hard to find things! Here's a handy tip for getting around our messy office:

The "glance" command is your friend! You can "glance furniture"; you can also "glance all in furniture" though you'll get a wall of text- better to narrow it down a little. Glance black things in furniture, or silk clothes in furniture, or hats, shoes, dresses, armours, weapons, etc, so on and so forth. No need to specify which furniture, though you can if you want.

Player Requests and Offerings

This is a spot for players to list items they are in search of as well as any services or pieces of their own collection they are willing to offer up for trade or sale. Any player may make use of this list to connect directly to potential customers. Please feel free to add yourself to the list or contact a Shonker.

Player Name Requests On Offer Last Updated
Siddney hugs hugs! 5/4/21
Henrey blue, hoopy, or plaid Hogswatch toys. In particular searching for DUCKs in these varieties. Will purchase or trade for other toys / custom language primers/growlers 5/4/21
Vuniel undyed furoshiki cloths (cotton or silk), dark blue kimono marbled crafts, transcription services (Dwarfish excluded), Moonlit Market and Thieves' Guild items 7/19/21
Frazyl black dress (no known sources outside the Shonky shop), any armour that's not on the wiki If asked politely, I can obtain most items, but not those from (crackable) safes, Niknax or items that have to be filched. 2021-05-04