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Club Description

Photo is a club created in Ankh-Morpork by Kayse for iconography.

Refer Info

Welcome to the Guild of Photographers and Iconographers (Photo for short). This club is for
aspiring, hobby, and professional photographers to discuss tips and tricks for the various
cameras on the Discworld. Also, feel free to discuss amazing photographs that you've managed
to take, helping Theodor Hackeet fill out his album, or the Sights to See challenge. Any
photography discussion is welcome.

The goal is to welcome and teach anyone interested in photography and iconography. It doesn't
matter if you are using a disposable impstomatic you 'found', a high-end Akina TR-10
dual-action camera, or anything else. If you can make a picture, you are welcome to join
this club.

Photography Contest Rules

The club will be hosting a photography contest, a theme will be announced and the best scoring photo submitted during the period. Grand prize is a new Akina TR-10 with 50mm lens (or the cash equivalent of A$240). Photos will be scored on a 10 point scale based on:

  • Technique (Framing, Brightness, Focus, how difficult/rare the photo was to capture). Baseline is 6/10 if the photo contains the subject clearly, +1 for "crystal clear image full of life" focus or better. Extra points for rarity/difficulty.
  • Theme (How well or amusingly does the photo match the theme). Baseline is 6/10 for "vaguely matches the theme", 7/10 for fair match, 8/10 for good match, 9/10 for great match and 10/10 is "wow, that matches the theme better than I thought possible")
  • Artistic merit (very subjective, but basically how striking, beautiful or tasteful is it).

In addition to the Grand Prize, there will be at least one lottery prize, worth $100. Every photo that doesn't win the grand prize, as long as the photo vaguely matches the theme, it will be entered into the lottery.

One entree is allowed per player. If you submit a second photo, it replaces your previous entry. To enter, please deposit your photo for Kayse at the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. Entrees will NOT be returned, please make a copy of your entry before you submit it if you'd like to keep a copy. Winning photographs may be displayed, with acknowledgement for the photographer.

Photography Contests

No photography contests have been announced at this time, but we will be trying to work on getting one out Soon (tm).