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Limo is a travel service-oriented club.


Limo drivers offer complete personal travel services from and to any location on the Disc in a timely fashion. State where you are and where you want to go, we'll pick you up and get you there. In most cases this will include a combination of arcane or divine travel, and walking.

Of course certain exceptions apply. In some cases it might impossible to move you without your assistance, such as when your starting or destination locations are in no portal zones reachable only through exits where following doesn't work. In such situations, Limo will pick you up or drop you at the nearest possible spot.

Limo is always on duty and will be with you as soon as possible.


The fee is &&&&&&&&&&+40000 A$100 or equivalent per trip per person. All currencies accepted. No discounts.

Frequently asked questions

How is this different from Taxi?

It's twenty times as expensive!

Also the ride is not limited to only certain customary pick up spots and destinations. And Limo is always on duty.

Is this a joke?

No, not really, the Limo club provides legitimate service to anyone willing to pay the fee.

Can you take me to location?


Do you have location?

That doesn't really matter, we'll get you there. But most likely yes.

Do you take groups?


May I join Limo?

Absolutely! Read the next section.

Joining Limo

Everyone's welcome to join Limo. Contact a recruiter and expect a short interview regarding your abilities, as well as a test ride.

Before considering joining, ponder your own abilities and whether you would be able to provide the services advertised.

  • Are you able and willing to interrupt what you're doing to serve a customer? Limo's always on duty.
  • Do you have a reasonable blorple or remember coverage? Speedwalking is fine but it's better for both parties if you don't walk 2000 rooms.
  • Do you know the whole Disc well enough to satisfy uncommon requests? Don't make the customer explain where a unique place is. You should know.
  • Can you find players to pick them up in the middle of nowhere? They might want to travel from somewhere in the ice fields, can you locate them?
  • Are you comfortable traveling from, to or through dangerous locations? In some cases a Limo ride might include combat.
  • Do you have ways to assist your customer on the ride? Consider generic stat boosts, as well as swimming or climbing. These are not mandatory but might make the journey smoother.

If the answer to all those points is YES!, contact a recruiter!