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The Faculty of the Unseen University

Faculty was founded by Griffin in Ankh-Morpork.

This is the club for all wizards of at least 10 days old.

It is effectively a Graduate Student Union and provides useful services and a place for socialization for students and Mages alike.

Current Committee

  • Chancellor: Mirodar
  • Dean of Liberal Studies: Marya
  • Dean of Experimentation: Marya
  • Dean of College: Camelion
  • Wibble Board Left Hand: Mirodar
  • Wibble Board Right Hand: Ochrion
  • Wibble Board Left Foot: Marya
  • Wibble Board Right Foot: Brunswick

The Wibble Fund

The most important part of the Faculty. The Wibble Fund is a scholarship for all Students. Any student wizard that is, at least, twelve hours old may apply for a fund by sending a tell or mudmail to any of the Wibble Board appendages, the Dean of Liberal Studies, or the Chancellor. Every student is automatically approved for one grant of A$250 which will be given after any request for the grant. If a student wants a larger grant they must send a mudmail to all Wibble Board appendages, the Dean of Liberal Studies and the Chancellor with an explanation of what they want the grant money for, and what they will do with it.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member of the Wibble Board, we're here to help you however we can.


Young wizards can get an apprenticeship with an experienced tutor to learn about magic and help them learn the ways of the disc. Applications should be made using mud-mail to the Dean of Liberal Studies.

If you are interested in being a tutor to an apprentice, please contact the Dean of Liberal Studies via MUDMail.

The Experimentation Team

The Team explores magic at its most basic level, so that we may all better understand our craft. Research grants and prizes are available for research that is deemed useful for the Wizarding community at large. For information please contact the Dean of Experimentation.

Chancellor's Awards in Research

The Chancellor's award in research is a program designed to further understanding of magic in a particular area of interest. Every month specific field or spell is announced on the Wizard's bulletin board and ten royal prizes are given to the first people who fulfill the requirements laid out in the post. The number of people who are given awards varies from month to month, so please pay attention to the message board and help however you can.

Useful Links

Club House

Faculty has a club house located on the west side of Esoteric Street between the Rogues club house and the craft room.

The club house has a library and plenty of storage that members are welcome to use but please remember that this is not secure. Also, please replace anything that you take from the library so that it is available for others. Thanks!

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