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Charm Chasers was founded by Persephone in Ankh-Morpork. It is a social club for those who collect charms and those that like to help others collect charms. This page is being created here to allow members to update their charm collecting goals and/or the services they offer.

Who is collecting what?

Member Collection Theme Offering
Persephone Porcelain and one of every shape Free Charms
Jiji Brass, copper and bronze charms Free Charms
Nienna - Will steal charms
Henrey Silver Bracelets in particular, and currently hoarding all charms.
Twiddle - Will steal charms
Sylfver Platinum, Gold and Bronze charms that my priestess can use.
Oki Exactly one of every shape, preferably obsidian/porcelain but any material will do Free Charms
Phantomracer No theme
Emily I keep some ruby shapes that interest me but mostly grab charms for others. Will steal charms
Wolphen Nothing in particular. I just keep what interests me. Will steal charms
Aberaven I don't really collect charms for myself, but I love looking at them and collecting them to give to friends. Will steal charms
Charon Emerald+Obsidian hallway. Emerald Sandelfon. Obsidian maze.
New I am more of a hoarder than a collector. I take all sorts.
Doom Gold charms and Gold bracelets
Shenandoah (alt Henrey) Sapphire charms
Asterion Anything
Rizic Platinum charms
Broldam Gold and Silver charms
BeastEater Platinum, Gold, (silver) in shapes that match up well with locations. Free Charms
Fluff Silver charms
Uber Gold and Platinum charms
Daedalus Platinum charms
Steve Gold and Silver charms
Kelpie Fish related
Delphini Weather/Astronomy charms, particularly platinum and silver moon charms.
Riverphoenix Lockpick charms! Will steal charms