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You can assemble a number of clockwork items from the remains of the large metallic dragon in the Endless Halls maze.

Getting the parts

To get the parts you need to:

  • Enter the Endless Halls maze - the easiest way to do this is to find Hermal in the Sandelfon temple and say 'Endless halls' to him.
  • Look through the maze until you find a large metallic dragon. Note that it doesn't spawn in all mazes - you may need to find the exit, leave and re-enter a few times.
  • Slay the dragon. Beware - the dragon has several high-damage attacks, as well as a powerful death explosion.

When killed, the dragon will explode, leaving a smoking crater and a random number of parts.

The parts

There are three types of part:

  • Clockwork mechanisms.
  • Oiled leather sheets.
  • Sheets of steel.

Each of these weighs approximately 10lb, and the dragon drops 4-6 parts on its demise.

What you can make

To see what you can make, type 'inspect parts' while holding at least one part. This will tell you what you can make out of what you're currently carrying. Note that:

  • You'll only see items that can be assembled from what you're currently carrying, not a list of all possible items.
  • This command (and the assemble one below) only take into account things being carried in your inventory - things in packs or on the ground don't count.
  • There is a skill check for figuring out the items, perhaps against
  • All parts are heavy, which may rather limit what you can construct if your strength is not high.
  • Being burdened by the parts might lower your dexterity and thus your bonus when inspecting or assembling.

The currently known list of items you can make - and the parts they require - is detailed below.

Item Inspect
Carriage clock clock 1 1 0 Clock which is placeable as furniture.
Clockwork soldier clockwork soldier 1 1 0 A toy soldier.
Drying machine 0 2 1 A box which dries foodstuffs.
Little metal castle 0 3 0 A toy castle.
Small metal windmill toy windmill 1 0 2 A toy windmill.
Clockwork orange clockwork orange 1 0 2[1] Orange which squirts scented oil.
Clockwork carriage tiny carriage 1 1 2[2] A toy carriage.
Klatchian fire engine 1 4[3] 2 It's a flamethrower.


You can see what you can make with a combination of parts by getting only those parts in your inventory and using the 'inspect parts' command to get the correct names for the items. The items you figure out depend on a skill check, perhaps of

To make an item, gather the necessary parts into your inventory and type 'assemble <item> from parts'.

Assembling an item uses and takes about 200 crafts GP, and consumes the relevant parts.

Note that the item constructed weighs a lot less than any of the constituent parts.


Carriage clock

This is a clock which can be placed as furniture.

This is a small, square brass clock with a plain white face.  It's the kind of clock one generally receives upon retirement from people with little imagination.  On top of the clock is a small bell that appears to chime the hours.  The clock tells the date as well as the time.
According to the dials it is a quarter to nine on Sunday the 19th of Grune.

Clockwork soldier

A small toy soldier. It has a key in its back which will cause the soldier to 'march around jerkily' when turned. If you haven't put it on the ground first, then its legs 'flail in the air briefly'.

This is a rather garishly dressed toy soldier.  Wearing a bright red uniform he would have the life expectancy of a chocolate kettle on a real battlefield.  A tiny key sticks out of the back of the soldier, looking incredibly turnable.

Drying machine

A large box which dries foodstuffs, preventing them from rotting.

To use it:

  • Put the item you wish to dry in the box
  • 'pump bellows on box'

Be aware that the box will fall apart after it has been used a few times.

This large metal box looks as if it is designed to hold something.  A pair of bellows at the back allow heat to be pumped from the compartment built into the box to the main chamber.  It could probably be used to dry food put in it.
It is in excellent condition.
It is open.

Little metal castle

A toy castle. You can play with it.

This is a small scale model of the famous Lancre Castle that has been crafted out of metal by what was probably a blind elephant on crack.  Even so, it does resemble a castle, with little turrets, a courtyard, high walls, a drawbridge and lots of little soldiers.  It would be fun to play games like Sto-Lat invaders with, assuming no one was around to watch you playing with little toys.

Playing with it produces:

> play with castle
You put the castle on the ground and sit next to it.  You carefully place the defenders on the walls of your castle, ready to repel the marauding invaders.  You then take the invaders and have them charge towards the castle, making lots of twanging noises as the arrows and spears fly.  You scream as the defenders tip some boiling oil over one of your men, who you push to the ground.  You cry "arghhhh", as you flick defenders off the castle wall when they are hit by imaginary arrows.  You get a small stick to use as a battering ram, pounding the door with it, till it finally caves in.  Cheering and screaming madly, you move the invaders into the courtyard of the castle, and then make some rather odd noises as you start to loot and pillage the castle inhabitants in a frenzied blood lust.  Finally you let out a sigh, as it's time to pack the soldiers away for another day.

Small metal windmill

A toy windmill. If you 'blow on sails of windmill', it produces a powerful hypnotic effect, causing you to hallucinate Mugwuddle's Muddling Mirage for a while.

This is a small windmill that has been less than skillfully crafted out of metal to resemble the windmills found in some rural areas of the Disc.  Its tiny leather sails spin slowly in the breeze, and if your lungs haven't been destroyed by breathing Ankh-Morpork air, then you could probably blow on the sails to make them spin fast.

Clockwork orange

A clockwork orange (no, not the Kubrick variety). You can 'squirt orange at <living>', which coats the target in pleasant smelling oil. Unfortunately, a bug currently prevents it from being used on players. After it has been used a few times, it will disintegrate.

This orange is a very punk version of the fruit, and is definitely something you wouldn't eat.  It is orange coloured and round, but looks like it has been assembled by the Unseen University librarian using a very blunt object out of a few bits of metal.  It does have two squishy bits on either side that can be used to squirt its contents at people.

Clockwork carriage

A toy carriage. If you 'wind key on carriage', it will rush off one room in a random direction.

This is a small clockwork replica of the carriage the Patrician uses to travel around Ankh-Morpork, which explains the arrow proof metal sheeting along the side of it, and the high leather seats that can easily be ducked under in times of need.  It has a key sticking out of the top which can be used to wind it up.

Klatchian fire engine

It's a flamethrower. It is reported as working by igniting and quickly pulling a lever, lest it explodes.

The Klatchian Fire Engine is a formidable weapon of war, so bad that it has been banned in eight countries and three religions will excommunicate any members found using it (five more embraced it as a holy weapon).  It is designed to spray flames over anyone standing in front, behind or infact anywhere within a fifty metre radius, including the operator.  It consists of a sort of bin on small squeaky wheels, with various handles, fat leathery bags and a nozzle on the front which you could ignite if you were so inclined.  The leather is well greased and there appears to be oil in the reservoir.

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  1. The clockwork orange requires you to possess two oiled leather sheets to make, but only actually consumes one on assembly.
  2. The clockwork carriage requires you to possess two oiled leather sheets to make, but doesn't actually consume any on assembly.
  3. The Klatchian Fire Engine requires you to possess four steel sheets to make, but doesn't actually consume any on assembly.