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Climbing shoes are leather shoes which, when worn, improve the wearer's climbing skill.

They weigh 6/9 lb and cannot be worn with either crampons or climbing boots.


Wearing climbing objects changes several bonuses, but the amount of the changes seem to vary based on stats.

Climbing shoes provide the following boosts and penalties to a player's climbing bonuses when worn:

Skill Change type Bonus change
adventuring.movement.climbing.tree raise 8 + floor( (dexterity + strength)/2 )
adventuring.movement.climbing.rock raise 25 + floor( (dexterity + strength)/2 )
covert.stealth.inside drop floor(dexterity / 3) - 25
covert.stealth.outside drop floor(dexterity / 3) - 25
covert.hiding.person drop floor(dexterity / 3) - 25

The stats used to calculate the bonus changes are capped by your unmodified stats, i.e. only overall negative stat effects are taken into account.


Climbing shoes can be bought from Joshua's Climbing Shop in Slice.

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