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Mudlib-semiconf.gif This page contains formulae or data from the distribution mudlib. The data has been partially verified as up to date. You can help by filling in research on the topic.

Climbing is the process via which a player can scale a vertical incline or obstacle. It may be used to access difficult to reach areas, or simply to traverse mountainous terrain.

Climbing successfully

In order to successfully climb in any direction, a player must first pass a skillcheck. This skillcheck starts off based on a test of the 'difficulty' of the climb, against the adventuring.movement.climbing skill appropriate to the terrain:

Skill Terrain
Adventuring.movement.climbing.tree Trees
Adventuring.movement.climbing.rock Rocks, cliffs and walls
Adventuring.movement.climbing.rope Ropes

The difficulty is then modified by the following factors:

  • The combined weight of all the player's inventory adds to the difficulty.
  • If the player is holding anything in either hand, the difficulty is increased.

The GP cost of climbing is then calculated as proportional to the difficulty. If the player does not have this much adventuring GP, then they will automatically fail the climb, and may fall off the wall (see below).

If the player does have this much GP, then they attempt the climb. Their appropriate climbing skill is checked against the difficulty; if they succeed, then they move in that direction, after expending the appropriate amount of GP.

If the player fails this test, then:

  • They incur an additional GP cost, which is a random number between zero and the original GP cost. If they don't have this much adventuring GP, they fail and may fall off (see below).
  • They must pass another test, against a random difficulty between zero and half the original difficulty. If this test is passed, they remain where they are, otherwise they may fall off (see below).

Falling off

If a player fails one of the above checks, then they may fall from their current position to the ground, possibly far below. The chance of this happening is related to the difficulty of the climb, and the dexterity of the player, as follows:

%Chance of falling off = 5 * difficulty / dexterity

Obviously, if the player is already at the bottom of whatever they are trying to climb, then they cannot fall off - they simply fail to get anywhere.

When hitting the ground after falling off, the player incurs damage proportional to the height which they fell and the weight of their full inventory. The damage is reduced by any armour that provides blunt protection.

Climbing aids

Various climbing aids exist which can help players when climbing:

Other notes

  • A player with Finneblaugh's Thaumic Float cast upon them does not suffer damage from most falls; they simply float to the ground.
  • The syntax 'climb <direction> assess' can be used to determine how many GP it will take to climb in a given direction, and roughly how difficult that climb is.