Chronides farmstead

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The Chronides farmstead is located just south of Ephebe, in easy walking distance from Djelibeybi.


The following NPCs are to be found at the Chronides farmstead:

  • Gus Chronides and Adeipho Chronides move around inside and outside the main building. When they are outside they can serve as fly-to for witches.
  • Rhea Chronides and Koren Chronides reside in the women's quarters.
  • Farmers and traders that sell local vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, garlic) or clothes.
  • Various servants and slaves.


The following facilities are available at the farmstead:

  • A fruit and vegetable shop sells, additionally to the obvious, red clay for pottery.
  • In the pottery workshop there are a wheel, a table with stains and glazes, a bench for drying pottery and a kiln.
  • A refreshment stand sells alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
  • In the women's quarters there are baskets of wool, spindles for spinning and a loom for weaving. Men will be thrown out of this room swiftly during daytime, but can enter it at night when the inhabitants have gone to sleep elsewhere.
  • In the kitchen there is a hearth that can be used for brewing tea, and mortar and pestle to grind herbs.
  • There is a well in the southwest corner of the courtyard as well as an ivy plant.


  • There are three beehives in the barn by the service entrance, which provide honey.
  • There are spiders in the room at the top of the defense tower, they are required for antidote.
  • During the right season garlic bulbs can be gathered from the fields surrounding the farmstead.
  • Goats in the barn supply goat pellets for smelly seeds.
  • An owl in the hayloft of the barn supplies owl feathers.
  • The herb garden by the service entrance contains:
  • The vegetable gardens west of the main farm building contains:

Other items of interest

  • Containers:
    • 4-5 bottles of various colours can be found on the shelf in the store room.
    • A large oinochoe and a large olpe (containers holding approximately 4 quarts) can be found on the shelf in the kitchen.
  • Olive trees are growing in the farmstead's yard, the olives can be plucked.
  • The farmstead is surrounded by tomato and garlic fields.
  • On the shelf in the pottery workshop there are vessels. Their shapes can be examined and their patterns studied. It sounds as if doing so might trigger a TM (maybe pottery or Ephebian culture?).research
  • There is an altar in the room east of the pottery shop. The command 'sacrifice <offering> {at|on} [the] {altar|shrine}' affects gp, so presumably it may offer faith TMs. research
  • The chicken hutch at the drink stand can be opened. If the barn is searched for a shovel, then it can be used to clean the coop. In the coop are eggs which can be collected, but they're inedible and hatch into chicks after a few minutes.