Chrenedict's Calcareous Covering

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Warning.png WARNING: This is an old spell. It has been replaced by Chrenedict's Corporeal Covering as described here.

Chrenedict's Calcareous Covering
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Defensive
GP cost 60
Mind space 25
Thaums 5
Components A ball of sap, a handful of chalk powder, grade four varnish (all consumed)
Tome Thee Dyscyplyne of thee Stoane

Chrenedict's Calcareous Covering(abbreviated as CCC) is a second order defensive spell that gives the target a sturdy damage-absorbing chalky skin similar to that of a troll.


The spell costs 60 GP to cast and takes up 25 units of mind space.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


Casting messages


You rub sap on yourself to prime your skin.  It tingles.
You rub chalk powder on yourself while considering its rock-like nature.
You rub varnish on yourself, to bind it all together.  It feels strangely cold.


1st cast: You feel your skin become rock hard.

adding: Your skin feels much harder now. 
Your skin feels slightly harder now. 

maxed: Your skin is now as hard as it can get.


You detect Unlucky Charlie's skin getting harder.


What the target sees

Wizard rubs some sticky gunk on you.  It tingles.
Wizard rubs some powdered chalk on you.
Wizard rubs varnish of some kind on you.  It feels strangely cold.

What others see

Wizard rubs some sticky gunk on herself.
Wizard rubs some powdered chalk on herself.
Wizard rubs varnish of some kind on herself.


The chalky skin will absorb the damage dealt to it until damage wears it away. Time is not a factor.

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