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Charm weights are now less than 1/9 lb. Charm weights are determined by their material.
Charm weights are now less than 1/9 lb. 1/9 lb is equal to 50 grams. Charm weights are determined by their material.
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Charms are a popular item to Remember Place on, as there are many, many different types. They can be "add"ed to, or "remove"d from a charm bracelet, which can hold fifteen charms at once.

Note that these are entirely different from the zodiac charms created by the Thousand Dancing Celestial Fates spell, which cannot be added to charm bracelets.

Charms have short descriptions of "a <material> <shape> charm", and look like:

A tiny yet delicately moulded <shape>, made from <material>.

The weight and the price depends on the material the charm is made of.


There are two shops that sell charms and charm bracelets. Both of them have random rotating and uncoverable stock.

A sparkling clean stall

This stall can be found sometimes in the Djelibeybi bazaar. [1]

It also sells charm bracelets.

Tiny shop

This shop, run by Berraja, can be found in Genua, on Okra Avenue. [2]

It also sells charm bracelets.


Charm weights are now less than 1/9 lb. 1/9 lb is equal to 50 grams. Charm weights are determined by their material.

Material Weight
in grams
Price in
Djb stall
Price in
Genua shop
Bonus for
brass 4.85 &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 DjToon 5.00 &&&&&&&&&&&&+999 3,33Gl 343
bronze 4.75 &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 DjToon 5.00 &&&&&&&&&&&&+999 3,33Gl 345
clay 3.25 &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 DjToon 5.00 378
copper 4.9 &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 DjToon 5.00 &&&&&&&&&&&&+999 3,33Gl 342
crystal 4 &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 DjToon 10.00 360
diamond 4.25 &&&&&&&&&&&+2500 DjToon 12.50 &&&&&&&&&&&+2499 8,33Gl 355
emerald 3.5 &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 DjToon 10.00 &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 6,66Gl 375
glass 3.25 &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 DjToon 5.00 378
gold 8 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 DjToon 7.50 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 5,0Gl 316
obsidian 3 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 DjToon 7.50 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 5,0Gl 380
platinum 10 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 DjToon 7.50 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 5,0Gl 300
porcelain 3 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 DjToon 7.50 380
ruby 4.5 &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 DjToon 10.00 &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 6,66Gl 350
sapphire 4.5 &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 DjToon 10.00 &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 6,66Gl 350
silver 5 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 DjToon 7.50 &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 5,0Gl 340

Charm shapes

These are some known charm shapes:

Shape Category Closest guild association
A'Tuin animals
acorn plants
adder animals
alligator animals
altar religious objects Priests
amphora containers
amulet religious objects
anchor other objects Priests (Fish)
angel religious objects
Anoia gods (named deity)
antelope animals
apple food
arm body parts
armadillo animals
arrow weapons
axe weapons
baboon animals
baby people
badger animals
ball of fluff religious objects Priests (Gufnork)
barnacle animals Priests (Fish)
barrel containers
basilisk animals
Bast gods (named deity)
bat animals
bear animals
bee animals
beetle animals
Berilia animals
Bibulous gods (named deity)
Bilious gods (named deity)
bird animals
black widow spider animals Assassins (AM house)
Blind Io gods (named deity)
blowpipe weapons Assassins
boar animals
boat other objects Priests (Fish)
book other objects
boot worn clothing
bottle containers
bow and arrow weapons
box containers
boy people
broken heart other objects
broomstick weapons Witches
buffalo animals
bull animals
butterfly animals
cabbage food
cairn religious objects
camel animals
candle other objects
carrot food
cat animals
cat-headed god gods
cauldron containers Witches
centipede animals
Cephut gods (named deity)
chain other objects
chair furniture
charm bracelet worn jewellery
cheetah animals
Chefet gods (named deity)
chimera animals
chipmunk animals
claw body parts
claw shrimp animals Priests (Fish)
cloud astronomy/weather Priests (Pishe)
cobra animals Assassins (AM house)
cobra-headed god gods
coconut food
coin other objects
couple of embracing lovers people
cow animals
coy carp animals CWC Family Sung
crab animals Priests (Fish)
crane animals CWC Family Tang
crescent moon astronomy/weather
crocodile animals
crossbow weapons
crown worn jewellery
cucumber food
cudgel weapons
cupid people
dagger weapons
dancing camel animals
dancing cat animals
dancing man people
dancing woman people
die other objects
dingo animals
dog animals
dog-headed god gods
domino mask worn clothing Thieves
donkey animals
dove animals
dragon animals
dragoon people Warriors
dress worn clothing
drum other objects
duck animals
eagle animals
ear body parts
eel animals Priests (Fish)
elephant animals
emu animals
farmer people
feather body parts
Fedecks gods (named deity)
fiery dragon animals
fire other objects
fish animals Priests (Fish)
Fish gods (named deity)
fishing rod other objects Priests (Fish)
flag other objects
flail weapons
flame other objects Priests (Sek)
flamingo animals
Flatulus gods (named deity)
flea animals
flower plants
flying hawk animals
flying vulture animals Priests (Hat)
foot body parts
fountain furniture
fox animals
frog animals
full moon astronomy/weather
Gapp gods (named deity)
garlic food
gazelle animals
Genuan palace structures/buildings
giant tortoise animals
Gil gods (named deity)
giraffe animals
girl people
goat animals
goat-headed god gods
golem people
goose animals
grape food
Great T'Phon animals
grflx animals
Gufnork gods (named deity)
hand body parts
hashish leaf plants Assassins (Hashishim)
Hast gods (named deity)
hat worn clothing Priests (Hat)
hawk animals
head body parts
heart body parts
helmet worn clothing Warriors
hermit elephant animals
hippo animals
horse animals
horse head body parts
hunting dog animals
hyena animals
ibis animals
Igor people
jackal animals
jaguar animals
Jeht gods (named deity)
Jerakeen animals
Juf gods (named deity)
Ket gods (named deity)
kettle containers
knife weapons
lamb animals
lamp other objects
lantern other objects
leaping tiger animals
leech animals Priests (Fish)
leopard animals
lightning astronomy/weather
lion animals
lizard animals
llama animals
lockpick other objects Thieves
locust animals
lotus blossom plants CWC Family Hong
lumberjack people
lynx animals
mace weapons
Maki gods (named deity)
man people
Mazda gods (named deity) Thieves
maze structures/buildings Priests (Sandelfon)
melon food
mermaid people
mirror furniture
mocking bird animals
mongoose animals
monkey animals
moon dragon animals
moose animals
mouse animals
mushroom food
needle other objects Priests (Gapp)
new moon astronomy/weather
newt animals
noble dragon animals
oak plants
Offler gods (named deity)
ogre people
olive food
Om gods (named deity)
ostrich animals
owl animals
ox animals
pagoda structures/buildings
painted dog animals
painting furniture
pair of boots worn clothing Thieves
pair of lips body parts
pair of sandals worn clothing
pair of shoes worn clothing
pants worn clothing
parrot animals
party hat worn clothing Priests (Hat)
Patina gods (named deity)
pebble other objects Priests (Sandelfon)
Petulia gods (named deity)
phoenix animals
piece of incense religious objects Priests
pig animals
piglet animals
pink flamingo[1] animals
Pishe gods (named deity)
pot containers
praying priest people Priests
praying priestess people Priests
priest people Priests
priestess people Priests
Ptooie gods (named deity)
purse worn clothing Thieves
pyramid religious objects
python animals
rabbit animals
raindrop astronomy/weather Priests (Pishe)
rat animals
raven animals Assassins (AM house)
razor weapons
reel other objects Priests (Fish)
rhino animals
ring worn jewellery
robe worn clothing
rooster animals
rose plants
sacred cat animals Priests
sailor people
salamander animals Priests (Sek)
sandcastle other objects
Sandelfon gods (named deity)
sarcophagus religious objects
scarab beetle animals
scarf worn clothing
sceptre weapons
scimitar[2] weapons
scorpion animals Assassins (AM house)
scythe weapons
seagull animals Priests (Fish)
Sek gods (named deity) Priests (Sek)
Sessifet gods (named deity)
set of praying hands body parts Priests
seven-handed demon gods Priests (Sek)
shark animals Priests (Fish)
sheep animals
shirt worn clothing
Shoji gods (named deity)
shrine religious objects Priests
sickle weapons
skull body parts
snail animals
snake animals
snarling tiger animals CWC Family Fang
snowflake astronomy/weather
sock worn clothing
spear weapons
sphynx religious objects
spider animals
spider monkey animals
square shape Priests (Sandelfon)
squid animals Priests (Fish)
squirrel animals
squishi food
staff weapons
stake weapons
star astronomy/weather
starfish animals Priests (Fish)
stoat animals
stork animals
sun astronomy/weather
swamp dragon animals
switchblade weapons
sword weapons
tabard worn clothing Warriors
table furniture
teardrop shape Priests (Pishe)
temple religious objects Priests
tent structures/buildings
throwing knife weapons Assassins
tiger animals
tiny fish[3] animals Priests (Fish)
tiny man[3] people
tiny woman[3] people
tombstone other objects
torch weapons
tortoise animals
tower structures/buildings
treasure chest containers
tree plants
tree frog animals Assassins (AM house)
triangle shape
troll people
trophy other objects
trumpet other objects
Tubul animals
tuna animals
turban worn clothing
turtle animals
Tuvelpit gods (named deity)
twins people
Tzut gods (named deity)
underwear worn clothing Priests (Hat)
unicorn animals
vampire people
veil worn clothing
viper animals Assassins (AM house)
vole animals
vulture animals Priests (Hat)
vulture-headed god gods Priests (Hat)
wahoonie food
waning moon astronomy/weather
warthog animals
water buffalo animals CWC Family McSweeney
waxing moon astronomy/weather
weasel animals
wedding ring worn jewellery
werewolf people
What gods (named deity)
whip weapons
witch's hat worn clothing Witches
wizard's hat worn clothing Wizards
wizard's staff weapons Wizards
wizard's staff with a knob on the end weapons Wizards
wolf animals
woman people
yeti animals
zebra animals
zombie people
  1. Persephone: I suspect 'pink flamingo no longer spawns. It does not make sense with all materials.
  2. Persephone: One other shape listed, that I have not found in any material is the scimitar. Not sure why that one is missing.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Persephone: I suspect the three 'tiny' (tiny man, tiny woman, tiny fish) do not exist, unless as legacy items before code on them was fixed. All charms are tiny so it was probably a bit redundant.