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A charm bracelet is a special piece of jewellery that can hold charms--up to fifteen at once. A bracelet counts as one item towards inventory limits no matter how many charms are attached to it.


To add a charm to the bracelet, the syntax is:

add <charm> to <bracelet> 

To remove a charm from the bracelet, the syntax is:

remove <charm> from <bracelet> 

Charms must be removed from the bracelet before anything can be done with them; charm bracelets act as a container in that respect.


Charm bracelets can be bought from a tiny shop on Okra Avenue in Genua, or a sparkling clean stall that sometimes appears in the Djelibeybi bazaar.


Charm weights are probably determined by their material.

Material Weight in grams Description
barbed wire 25
black steel 25 Heavy links of blackened steel make this simple, utilitarian charm bracelet.
brass 25 Gleaming, unadorned but intricately twisted brass links form this elaborate charm bracelet.
bronze 25 Small bronze rings engraved with tiny leaves make this fine and intriguing chain.
copper 25 Made of copper wire woven into a basket weave-like pattern, this charm bracelet is both elegant and rustic.
gold 50 The thick links of this gold charm bracelet are almost rectangular in shape, making this an interesting, if somewhat chunky looking piece of jewellery.
octiron 30 This bracelet is made of an indeterminate number of dark, entwined octiron wires. It looks very occult.
platinum 30 Each link of this beautifuly crafted platinum chain is shaped like a slithering snake. A truly artistic piece.
simple (cord) 25 A short length of cord with small knots unevenly tied along its length. You could probably attach your charms to those.
silver 25 A delicate charm bracelet, each narrow silver link engraved with a sinuous vine pattern.
steel 25 A shiny and delicate but deceptively formidable chain of premium steel.